Hi! I am TokoyamiTheDark, or just Tokoyami. I have been a Pokemon fan ever since it was released back then in September 1998. I could not wait for the release of the GS series, and I was very exited when I got both games. I was also going to make a website on GeoCities, PokéForce27, but it never got born as I was too young to understand HTML coding alone (I had to be helped back then) Five years later, on October 13th 2007, Light of the Stars was born. In February 2008, the host made a crash, therefore disabling the website from February to June 2008 until I got on my new host. The URL changed from 'lightofthestars.com' to 'light.cvgrenier.com'... and back to 'lightofthestars.com' when my website got hosted on HostPapa. My website is still quiet ; not many visitors come, and I don't receive mail often. Please support my website on any blog, BBS, forums etc... that authorize advertising, as I can't register on forums or blogs. Special thanks to my friends User:TTEchidna and User:Maverick Nate for supporting my website!

My Website : Light of the Stars Brand New URL!!!

  • My website was hacked, so it was deleted from the Web over 2 weeks ago, but I'm working so it can be re-uploaded ASAP!