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The Bulbagarden Archives is the central image repository for Bulbapedia and the rest of Bulbagarden. The Archives host the sprites, screenshots, scans and animations used to illustrate the encyclopedia and Bulbagarden's other projects. We do not seek to store every Pokémon-related image on the internet, merely those relevant to Bulbapedia and news services that Bulbagarden provides. You're welcome to browse for a while, if you wish, or make an account to start contributing.

We have 247,917 uploaded files.

If you have any questions, first see the FAQ page. If this doesn't help, find an active staff member. They'll point you in the right direction.

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Uploading images
New user? Please read our handy guide on uploading images!

Please remember the following rules:

  • Always categorize and license your images appropriately.
  • Provide an appropriate summary of the image. What is it from, what is happening?
  • User upscaling of images should be avoided.
  • Do not upload excessively large images (generally 1920×1920 is the maximum size).
  • Stealing images from other fan-sites is not permitted.
  • Personal images are not allowed.
  • All uploaded files should be needed and used on Bulbapedia. If an image is unneeded or unused, it may be deleted.
What's happening on the Archives?

  • The Bulbagarden Archives Cleanup is ongoing. If you'd like to help out, begin by helping to check things off of our to-do list. If you have an idea to help, or would like guidance, the staff are happy to help.
  • Before uploading any images, be sure to read over the FAQ and upload form. Hopefully, these will help resolve any problems you encounter.
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