Welcome! (and a brief introduction)

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I am the dark lord trombonator; you may call me trom. I am a member of the Bulbapedia Editorial Board and Archives Editorial Board Leadership Board. Over here, I'm involved in the ongoing Archives Cleanup. My account has the required privileges to delete, protect, rename, block, see your IP, demote BulbaBot... pretty much anything. I'm happy to do you some favours as long as play nice and cleanup this wiki.

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I am open to users contacting me if they require assistance in any manner. Also, if you're actually reading this: please read the checklist when you upload media files, and be sure to tag and categorize all images. Save us the headache later, ok? If you genuinely have no idea what you're doing but think you can bluff through it.... you're probably wrong. It's alright, don't stress: I made you a guide. Use it. Please.

For more information, see my Bulbapedia userpage.