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leaving PBR, Colo, and XD on there for now until i can verify that everything has been uploaded.
==All users==
* Upload, upload, upload!
** Upload menu and box sprites for the 3D console games (Stadium, Colosseum, XD, Pokémon Battle Revolution)
** Upload Pokémon Duel models
* Categorize, add meaningful summaries (using templates where relevant), and add proper licensing to all files
====Current tasks====
* .gifs can be converted to animated .png using [ this tool]
* Add {{template|mva}} and {{template|aba}} to images of moves and abilitiesAbilities in the anime and manga, respectively.
====Ongoing tasks====
* Upload png replacements of manga jpgs
* Upload [[:Category:Images needing transparency|transparent]] or [[:Category:Images needing to be flipped|flipped]] images as needed, or request them by inputting the {{template|Transparency needed}} template or {{template|Flip needed}} template, respectively, if you don't have them
* Categorize, and add proper licensing to all files
* Request better images that don't fit any of the above requirements through the {{template|bad image}} template
* Request movement of images through the {{template|move}} template
==Junior admins==
*[[:Category:Candidates for moving|Move]] images (do not forget to remove the {{template|move}} template) and ensure the images are properly fixed on Bulbapedia and/or Bulbanews). Where relevant, also delete the redirected images (usually sprite redirects are exceptions).
====Ongoing tasks====
* Moving images to standard file naming notation, from .PNG to .png, etc.