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==All users==
* Upload, upload, upload!
* Upload anymenu missingand backbox sprites fromfor the following3D categories that have differences betweenconsole games: (addStadium, inColosseum, aXD, properPokémon summary template i.e <nowiki>{{backsprite|180|Flaaffy|shiny|II|Gold andBattle Silver}}</nowiki>Revolution):
::[[:Category:Crystal* backUpload sprites]]Pokémon Duel models
::[[:Category:FireRed and LeafGreen back sprites]]
::[[:Category:Platinum back sprites]]
::[[:Category:HeartGold and SoulSilver back sprites]]
Useful tools: [ veekun] Use this to compare back sprites between games and to know which ones have differences among them.
====Current tasks====
====Ongoing tasks====
* Upload all Xmodels for the Generation VI and YVII imagesgames (e.g. [[:File:Spr 6x 151.png]], [[:File:Spr b 6x 135 s.png]])
** Upload all missing sprites
** Get permission from users that are at least a senior administrator before uploading these images
* Welcome users that have contributed in some way beneficial to the Archives with the {{template|welcome}} template (do not forget to put it in this format: <code><nowiki>{{subst:welcome}}</nowiki></code>)
* Some Diamond and Pearl back sprites have pixel issues. Re-upload damaged sprites with proper versions
* Update every image (depicting a move found in [[:Category:Moves (game)|this category]]) summary and replace the content with {{template|mv}}, the usage is <code><nowiki>{{mv|Pokémon|move|generation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 67)|type=type of the move|target=Target Pokémon|ani=whether the image is animated in png}}</nowiki></code>.
** The template will add the proper categories, so if you see a manually-added Category (like [[:Category:Moves (game)]], both Pokémon, user and target), delete it.
** Check your browser before saying the image is not animated. If [[File:Ani001OD.png]] is not animated on your browser, no other animated pngs will be animated on your browser. Browsers that can show animated png files include Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Opera.
*[[:Category:Candidates for deletion|Delete]] images: Make sure the images are unused, especially images that switch as they are considered unused (e.g. [[:File:492Shaymin-Land.png]])
====Ongoing tasks====
*Moving files to proper filenames, the same as Junior Admins.
*Deleting unused files (mostly .jpgs)