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APNG vs. WebM
::::Or you can just use GIFs for goddamn sprites. What's the point of using a format that barely anyone supports? If you think people are going to change browsers just so they can play animated images on a single site, then you're delusional.
::::TCRF's articles have inline audio and Wikipedia's articles have inline video and audio so your claim that you ''need'' to present it as a pop-up UI is incorrect. Plus HTML5 video allows you to preload, autoplay, and loop videos automatically. Audio streams are not required either; after all, they're not even allowed on sites like 4chan hence tools like [ this one] to remove them from the files whenever necessary. [[User:SatoMew2|SatoMew2]] ([[User talk:SatoMew2|talk]]) 17:04, 20 September 2015 (UTC)
:::::If I may throw in my few cents on the matter, I would agree with ABCboy.
:::::If you look, [ APNG] is supported by almost all browsers (only Internet Explorer does not support it in any method). Also, before I got an extension to view APNG with Chrome, I didn't know that the moves were actually animated images. Seeing them as static images didn't detract from what I got from those pages.
:::::Second, looking at the above image, the black square with a play button in it will not work; it looks tacky. If we do allow images in the WebM format, they would need to be images that are absolutely necessary to view the animation to understand the principle or point of a page. Few, if not no images need that.
:::::As for the GIF idea, the more extensions that we allow in the archives, the easier it is for duplicate images to hide. In cleaning out the GIFs, you won't believe how many unused and duplicate images I found. Also, if we were to convert just the sprites to GIF, that would take months to do and really isn't worth it (especially when it took me about a month and a half to convert and upload the APNG versions of the Emerald and Crystal sprites). [[User:Adamws|Adamws]] ([[User talk:Adamws|talk]]) 18:27, 20 September 2015 (UTC)