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→‎Uploading related: this confuses a lot of users
(→‎Uploading related: this confuses a lot of users)
=====I uploaded an image and added it over to Bulbapedia, but why isn't it showing up?=====
Bulbagarden runs on multiple servers. As such, some are not on the same server. This is the case for the Archives and Bulbapedia. Sometimes images do not show up on the site, even if they were uploaded here. Usually a hard refresh, dry edit, which is clicking the edit tab and saving the page without editing; or a purge, which can be done by clicking the clock at the top of the page; of the page will force the image to show up sometimes. Please don't upload the image more than once if it does not show up on Bulbapedia. To avoid running into this problem, it is best if you upload the image before you link to it on Bulbapedia.
=====Why can't I upload over this file?=====
To upload over an existing file, you must first become autoconfirmed. To become autoconfirmed, you need to upload or edit a certain number of files and have your account exist for a certain period of time. Both of these values are kept secret so that users do not purposely only perform this number of edits to become autoconfirmed.
=====What are categories used for?=====
Categories allow for general organization of images. Images care categorized by certain ways, such as the Pokémon in the images, or if the images are of Nintendo or GameFreakGame Freak staff. Categories also allow for searching for a certain kind of images by the category itself. For instance, by searching though "Category:Pikachu", one would find images of {{bp|Pikachu}}.
=====Why are they important?=====