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=====Are there rules to using the userspace?=====
Generally there shouldn't be a userpage on the Archives. That isn't the purpose of this site. It would be better if you went to Bulbapedia to create your userpage, however; a simple link or redirect to your pediaBulbapedia page is alright. Userspace limits are the same here as on the pediaBulbapedia, three edits per day. If you go above this limit, you may lose your privilege to edit your userpage here indefinitely.
===Problems with other users===
=====I uploaded an image and added it over to Bulbapedia, but why isn't it showing up?=====
Bulbagarden runs on multiple servers. As such, some are not on the same server. This is the case for the Archives and Bulbapedia. Sometimes images do not show up on the site, even if they were uploaded here. Usually a hard refresh, dry edit or a purge of the page will force the image to show up sometimes. Please don't upload the image more than once if it does not show up on the pediaBulbapedia. To avoid running into this problem, it is best if you upload the image before you link to it on Bulbapedia.
=====Someone mentioned that I shouldn't be using jpgs, why?=====
JPGs are allowed for certain images, mostly images such as for the TCG. We generally would like PNGs to be used for images like anime screenshots, game or anime artwork and scans. PNGs generally look better in thumbnails on the PediaBulbapedia where they are scaled down. Remember to always use lowercase extensions! That means .png and not .PNG and if you're using .jpgs, it's .jpg not .JPG or .JPEG. Many templates on Bulbapedia use lowercase extensions so it is imperative that you follow this format.