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eh, we'll see how it goes... not sure where to put link templates though...
(eh, we'll see how it goes... not sure where to put link templates though...)
=====Why are they important?=====
The Archives is a place where images are uploaded, and it is best that they are organized.
=====What are some common categories?=====
Some common categories include {{cat|Moves (game)}}, {{cat|Location artwork}}, and main character categories. Specifics include {{cat|Pikachu}}, {{cat|Ash Ketchum}}, {{cat|Meowth (Team Rocket)}}, and {{cat|Blue (Adventures)}}. If you are unsure if a certain category exists, check if it does through the search bar or ask a staff member or other active members.
=====What are tags used for?=====
A license tag allows for general organization of images. It also allows the viewer to get an idea where the image came from, be it a screenshot, sprite, or otherwise. In addition, this is for copyright purposes. Images are uploaded from a variety of sources, so it is a good idea to know where it is from should the image be questionable in infringing a copyright. Also, it determines how freely the uploaded image is able to be used outside of Bulbapedia, Bulbagarden Archives, and Bulbanews.
=====Why are they important?=====
Like categories, they are important on images as they organize them in certain ways.
===Link templates===
=====What link templates are there?=====
Generally we use the same link templates as we do on Bulbapedia. For those unfamiliar with the link templates, the only templates that are really needed include {{template|bp}}, {{template|m}}, {{template|adv}}, {{template|p}}, {{template|game}}, {{template|a}}, and {{template|an}}. If you are unfamiliar with how any of the templates work or if you are wondering if a certain template exists, ask a staff member or other active members.
=====What should I put in my summary?=====
Generally it would be best to describe what is going on in an image, such as an anime image. Keep it limited to a few sentences.
=====What are the summaries used for?=====
=====Who can I contact if an admin isn't online?=====
Generally there is usually an admin watching over the Archives, even if they don't appear in the [[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]]. However, if a vandal strikes and an Archives admin does not step in to solve it, please bring it up with an active Bulbapedia {{bp|Bulbapedia:Staff|staff member}}. If you are unsure who to ask, the [[Archives:Administrators|Archives's staff page]] will tell you who has sysop powers on the Archives who are also on Bulbapedia.