User:Tiddlywinks/X and Y needed images

For anyone who has a capture card (and permission to upload Gen VI game images here), these things need to be captured... Please feel free to edit this list if you upload something, or if you see that someone else has already uploaded something.

The lists are ordered roughly in decreasing order of importance.


  • Many moves... (see also Category:Articles needing better pictures)
  • Berries* in different growth stages. (As I recall, one Berry of a given color looks the same as another of that color at least through its flowering stage, so...)
    • One of each stage from one Berry of each color.
    • The last (2?) stage(s) of every Berry.
  • New encounter methods/areas (for encounter tables): red/purple/yellow flowers, long grass, rocky terrain, snowy terrain (probably something like this, but maybe keep the snow?), bushes (like to the left of the cuttable tree left of the bridge), trash cans, swamp, Rock Smash rocks, burrowing Pokémon...ideally something for the swooping and dropping Pokémon as well (maybe just an image of the creature shadow that darts at the player).
  • PR Video: backgrounds, poses, facial expressions, effects...maybe cameras?
  • At dressing rooms/boutiques: clothes, eye colors (contacts)
  • At Coiffure Clips: Hair styles and colors
  • Menu items: Party list, Pokédex, Bag/pockets, Trainer card, Saving, Options. (Most of them have galleries like this. Otherwise just having the latest image is usually a good thing.)
  • HM obstacles: Rock Smash rocks and walls, Cuttable trees, and Strength boulders/depressions
  • PC Wallpapers (to get a clean header, you can capture two images, one with the box's name as a letter followed by many spaces and one where the letter is preceded by many spaces, then combine the two images)
  • The player's house (see Player's house#Layout)
  • Trainer class overworld "sprites"


  • Berries (only difference between different Berries is in the last stage; possibly the one before that can also have slight differences, but I haven't paid close enough attention yet to be sure)
  • Secret Base: layout types, decorations, rank flags (StreetPassed bases should have a fair variety of flags)
  • Hoenn map shown while soaring in the sky (✔ Done)
  • DexNav crowns
  • Heavy rain/extremely harsh sunlight in the overworld
  • Various locations need at least basic images.
    • All the Mirage spots especially need images (not just the daily ones like Mirage Caves, but the Trackless Forest/etc too). It may be best to have screenshots from two different perspectives for each one.
      • One on the ground (probably at your original landing spot), just the top screen
      • One while soaring (like this and this), both screens, to give readers the best idea of where to find the Mirage spot. The top screen would ideally have the landing area and the red beacon visilbe and as much of a view as possible of some other land for visual context (i.e., not just open water). (It'd probably also be ideal if no other Mirage spots were visible.)
      • NOTE: It's possible to repeatedly connect to the PSS to get Mirage spots from other players there and then soft-reset and reconnect to try to get different Mirage spots.
  • Dive and Soar (✔ Done) field move images (snapshot or animated). (Also the other field moves/HMs that are also in XY.)
  • Volcanic ash mounds on Hoenn Route 113
  • Pokémon Contest Spectacular Talents maybe? (I'm not actually sure if they're different from each other or even anything worth capturing)
  • The player's house (see Player's house#Layout)