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<noinclude><big><big>'''''This subpage is meant to be moved to the {{red link|Template:PA|<code>Template:</code>}} namespace. Any changes must be brought first in the {{red link|User talk:Pokéfan95/Template:PA|talk page}}. '''''</big></big></noinclude>
<onlyinclude>{| style="margin:auto; background: #EFE; border: 2px solid #9F9FFF; width: 75%; {{roundy|30px}}"
| style="background:#000; {{roundy|30px}}; text-align:center" | [[File:Gun.png|70px|Lucky Ash didn't get shot, or else we'd have a scene way too intense for youngsters...]]
| This image contains material that may not be suitable for young viewers.<br>'''Viewer discretion is advised.'''
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