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will update even more maybe next week -- I seriously forgot about this.
*No text in general, but especially if it's an unofficial English translation of the original
:Pokémon standards: Pokémon_Adventures.png (e.g '''Mankey Adventures.png''')
:::'''Koga Golbat Supersonic Adventures.png''' (needed, as there is a {{bp|Koga}} in the anime as well)
:non-Adventures: Pokémon move_initials of manga.png (or whatever the standard is for each individual manga) or Trainer Pokémon move.png
::e.g. '''Ash Pikachu Thunderbolt ETOPEToP.png''' (ETOPEToP needed as there is distinction between the manga and anime character)
:If they are different within the same generation, then the older one is Move_gameset.png (e.g. '''Hidden Power DPPt.png''')
*VS sprites: VSTrainername.png (e.g. '''VSKiawe.png''')
:If the Trainer has multiple VS sprites from different gamesgamesets, then the standard gameset will suffice (reverse of normal standards - the oldest one keeps the "original name". For instance, since a VS sprite for {{tc|Beauty}} first appeared in XY, the title for that sprite would be '''VSBeauty.png''' while the one in ORAS would be titled '''VSBeauty ORAS.png''')
:Genders are dealt with the same way as with Trainer sprites (e.g. '''VSRoller Skater M.png''', '''VSRoller Skater F.png''', '''VSRising Star M SM.png''')
*{{cat|Area highlighted maps}}: Region Location Map.png (e.g. '''Sevii Islands Tanoby Key Map.png''')
:If the location appears in multiple gamesets, the gameset will be listed after "Map" (e.g. '''Orre Pyrite Town Map Colo.png''')
:For some reason the anime-exclusive and Ranger maps are not formatted this way though.
*Same rules as in TCG