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=====This user is reverting me and changing my image, what do I do?=====
Users do fight over images,; however, instead of getting in an edit war, bring it up on the other user's talk page, a staff member's talk page, or the talk page of the file itself to solve the problem. Edit wars are frowned upon and users caught in edit wars can face short blocks depending on the revisions they've changed.
==Uploading related==
=====I uploaded an image and added it over to Bulbapedia, but why isn't it showing up?=====
Bulbagarden runs on multiple servers. As such, some are not on the same server. This is the case for the Archives and Bulbapedia. Sometimes images do not show up on the site, even if they were uploaded here. Usually a hard refresh,; a dry edit, which is clicking the edit tab and saving the page without editing; or a purge, which can be done by clicking the clock at the top of the page; it will force the image to show up sometimes. Please don't upload the image more than once if it does not show up on Bulbapedia. To avoid running into this problem, it is best to upload the image before you link to it on Bulbapedia.
=====Why can't I upload over this file?=====
=====What do you mean by "categorizing my images"?=====
Categorizing refers to adding information based on what is in the image. For example, if an image is uploaded and has Ash and his Pikachu in the image, one would tag it with "<nowiki>"[[Category:Ash Ketchum]]</nowiki>" and "<nowiki>[[Category:Ash's Pikachu]]</nowiki>", as they are in the picture.
=====What is a category?=====
=====What are categories used for?=====
Categories allow for general organization of images. Images are categorized by certain ways, such as by the Pokémon inor the images,characters or ifin the images are of Nintendo or Game Freak staff. Categories also allow for the searching for aof certain kindkinds of images by the category itself. For instance, by searching though "Category:Pikachu", one would find images of {{p|Pikachu}}.
=====Why are they important?=====
=====What are tags used for?=====
A license tag allows for general organization of images. It also allows the viewer to get an idea where the image came from, be it a screenshot, sprite, or otherwise. In addition, this is for copyright purposes. Images are uploaded from a variety of sources, so it is a good idea to know where it is from should the image be questionable in infringing a copyright. Also, it determines how freely the uploaded image is able to be used outside of Bulbapedia, the Bulbagarden Archives, and Bulbanews.
=====Why are they important?=====
=====Why is this image not moving on my browser?=====
Some images move, and while a lot of browsers support them, some do not. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Apple Safari do not support png moving images, while browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera support them. In the case of Google Chrome, unless you have installed [https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apng/ehkepjiconegkhpodgoaeamnpckdbblp an extension], the browser will not support the animated images as well. If you cannot see the image moving on a browser that does not support animated png moving images, but the image is tagged with a template that says that it moves, please do not change anything, as it does move for other users.
=====Someone mentioned that I shouldn't be using jpgs, why?=====
JPGs are allowed for certain images, mostly images such as for the TCG. We generally would like PNGs to be used for images like anime screenshots, game or anime artwork and scans. PNGs generally look better in thumbnails on Bulbapedia where they are scaled down. Remember to always use lowercase extensions! That means .png and not .PNG, and if you're using .jpgs, it's .jpg and not .JPG or .JPEG. Many templates on Bulbapedia use lowercase extensions so it is imperative that you follow this format.
=====There isn't a need for an image, can I delete it?=====
=====Why are they important?=====
They are important as they allow for a user to check at a glance aboutwhat the image and what it'sis about.
==Uploading problems==