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RGB Pokémon artwork
:::::Thanks for the clefairy artwork. i totally did not notice the different clefairy. -[[User:Pokeant|Pokeant]] ([[User talk:Pokeant|talk]]) 06:40, 16 November 2015 (UTC)
:::::Also, the jynx artwork already appeared in Gold Silver guide book. -[[User:Pokeant|Pokeant]] ([[User talk:Pokeant|talk]]) 07:33, 16 November 2015 (UTC)
:Hi there. While this is not about Pokémon, it has to do with Classic Artworks. You managed to find all of those old Pokémon arts. What about human characters, like trainers, gym leaders, elite four, side-characters, etc? Don't you have any way to find the ones yet to be found in here and add them to this grand collection? [[User:Xrick03|Xrick03]] ([[User talk:Xrick03|talk]]) 11:52, 07 December 2015 (UTC)