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Pokémon Adventures Italian manga: new section
So I'm trying to scan some of the cards from XY but I've noticed that my scanner doesn't get as high quality a scan as what others' have. Nothing major (except on some mirror holofoils where all text is incredibly blurry), just the Pokédex data under the illustration is a bit blurry. Is it cool for me to upload over the Japanese cards with mine, even though the quality isn't on par with most other English cards? [[User:Glik|Glik]] ([[User talk:Glik|talk]]) 20:10, 18 April 2014 (UTC)
:Email me a scan that you've done so that I can see the quality. Make sure you are scanning at 600dpi. Anyway, I'm never fond of doing work just to do work again later. Scans are mostly there for artwork, and the language can wait until we have highest quality of English scans. I'd rather not have scans uploaded just to have to have scans uploaded again later. ''[[User:Maverick Nate|<sup style="color:#00008B;">'''Maverick'''</sup>]][[User talk:Maverick Nate|<sub style="color:#00008B;">'''Nate'''</sub>]]'' 19:16, 23 April 2014 (UTC)
== Pokémon Adventures Italian manga ==
Hi, I have just written a message to Ataro, since he is the Head of Manga, but I noticed now that he is on a hiatus, so I thought it would have been better to ask someone else (On Pokémon Central Wiki we are used to do this, I don't know if here it is the same, if that is not the case, I'm sorry, I won't double message the staff anymore).<br>I noticed that the Italian covers of the manga were yet to be uploaded, so I just did it, I wanted to ask if I have named them correctly, as well as if I have edited the file pages correctly. I used the English and French cover as a reference, I hope I didn't mess things up. If the files have no problem could you please add the link to Bulbapedia's pages since editing is currently restricted? Thanks in advice--[[User:CiaobyDany|CiaobyDany]] ([[User talk:CiaobyDany|talk]]) 18:49, 21 November 2014 (UTC)