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Self-Organization to make things easier.
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(Self-Organization to make things easier.)
==To-do list (current projects)==
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* Check and upload game sprites at their correct sizes
* Upload Overworld sprites for Pokémon Conquest
* Locate and upload Pokémon sprites for Excadrill and Drilbur from Pokémon Conquest
* Check all Mystery Dungeon sprites for differences between versions
* Complete anime move summaries for Anime Move files
* Check Pokémon Ranger Pokémon sprites, and upload/re-upload where needed
* Check Trainer sprites and any additional Overworld sprites, upload/re-upload where needed
* Upload animated sprites and images once I learn how to animate
==Ongoing tasks==
* Re-Categorizing images where needed
* Upload anime images for new episodes
* Add missing summaries
* Add missing and fix incorrect License Tags
* Make corrections where needed
* Upload Bulbanews images as needed
* Upload TCG card images as needed
* Help others with current projects that arise