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::::::Seriously. If you have time to take the picture, it doesn't take more than '''fricking two seconds''' to choose "Portable Network Graphics (*.png)" in your image editor's Save as... screen! I know that no modern image editor is uncapable to save as png file, even MS Paint has been able to for a long time (the feature was added somewhere between 95 and XP, don't remember exactly) Do not upload jpgs anymore. [[User:UltimateSephiroth|UltimateSephiroth]] 17:01, 2 January 2009 (UTC)
:::::::As long as anime screenshots are taken from like [[{{redlink|:Image:Phione.png|this one]]}} ([ original file here]; thank you for not giving credit, by the way) it makes no sense to upload them as PNG since they were already JPEG-compressed and as such should be uploaded in their unaltered state, since converting a JPG to PNG has no quality benefits, it only produces a much larger file size (in this case 14 KB -> 100 KB). Maverick Nate actually already said it right. And please stop harassing people like this on their talk pages, chocolate and co. - your knowledge of file formats is apparently too poor to advise others. Thank you. --[[User:Nyoo|Nyoo]] 14:04, 6 February 2009 (UTC)
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