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Can I have personal images?
=====Can I have personal images?=====
Yes, however there are rulesNo. There are two images allowed per user and they must '''not''' include a photographAs of aMay user's13, self;2011, thesepersonal images willare beno deleted.longer Otherallowed personalto imagesbe includeuploaded personalto logos, personal trainerthe spritesArchives, drawings, trainer cards and mostly any imageremaining thatimages would onlywill be useddeleted inby the User:end namespaceof andMay. haveThere noare encyclopedicmany valuedifferent toimage Bulbagardenhosts andavailable itsbut affiliates.the UsersArchives wishingis to upload personal images should tag them withnot the {{template|i-Personal}} templateplace for easier organizationthem.
===Problems with other users===