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916 bytes added, 08:32, 27 November 2010
About that undo...: new section
Can you help me with the usage of Template:Color in {{template|signmap}}? That way the words don't look so blurred. [[User:Ht14|<span style="color:#E1E1E1"><sup>'''''ht'''''</sup></span>]][[User talk:Ht14|<span style="color:#B69E00"><small>''14''</small></span>]] 02:42, 31 May 2010 (UTC)
:I can try I'm not that good with coding. Though it look fine on my end.--[[Special:Contributions/CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#00AF33;">'''☆'''</span>]][[User:CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#F8D030;">'''Cool'''</span>]][[User talk:CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#0098d8;">'''ピカチュウ!'''</span>]] 06:54, 31 May 2010 (UTC)
== About that undo... ==
I don't understand why. Numerous images have bad image tags based on incorrect sizing.
For example:<br>
<br> <--- This one, I assume it's because of size. I could be wrong.
<br>Also here,, which I admit, I put the bad image tag on it. Jello, having edited the page after I did, did not make any complaints.
<br>I guess my real question is: when does the point come when we can ignore an incorrect size or not? --[[User:Joeshie|<span style="font-weight: bold; color:#6B8E23; border: 1px dashed #DFFFA5;">+ Joeshie +</span>]] <small>''([[User talk:Joeshie|<span style="color:#99CC32">is Me!</span>]])''</small> 08:32, 27 November 2010 (UTC)