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646 bytes added, 13:44, 23 April 2010
I know we already sort of had this discussion, but Lucario is really the wrong color. When are you going to fix it? It really looks weird in the infobox. <sub style="color:#00008B;">'''[[User:Blake|Blake]]'''</sub> <sup>[[User talk:Blake#top|Talk]]·[[Special:Contributions/Blake|Edits]]</sup> 03:17, 23 April 2010 (UTC)
:It's not the wrong color. It's in a CMYK color scheme instead of RGB. I'm trying to find a converter, but the only one I've found so far is Photoshop, which I can't get.--'''[[User:Immewnity|<span style="color:#88AADD">''immewnity''</span>]][[User talk:Immewnity|the]][[Special:Contributions/Immewnity|mew]]''' 11:30, 23 April 2010 (UTC)
::If you look at both versions side by side, you will see it is way off. The colors in all other art are more similar to the old version. Could you maybe revert it or make a different version? Unless you plan on finding this converter soon. I like the color change of most of the Pokemon, as it does look like it is how they should be, but the change with Lucario is not fitting. It may be because you made it so huge, that when it gets shrunk, the colors look weird and bright. <sub style="color:#00008B;">'''[[User:Blake|Blake]]'''</sub> <sup>[[User talk:Blake#top|Talk]]·[[Special:Contributions/Blake|Edits]]</sup> 13:44, 23 April 2010 (UTC)