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== I'm Sorry For That ==
.I was banned for making the same edit on Umbreon's page twice. I tought that having a little joke was ok, it isn't, and I understand that. I deserve the ban, but please don't make it permanent. I want to start making relevent changes on Bulbapedia when it's over. Thank you for your understanding :3. {{unsigned|D0lphino}}
== Question regarding autoconfirm ==
Hi there. Sorry for contacting you on your talk page with a question, but I'm hoping maybe you can help me. I wanted to add a screenshot of an error I found in [ AG162], but unfortunately I'm only autoconfirmed on the main Bulbapedia subdomain and not on the archives subdomain. Since files can only be uploaded via here, is there some way my autoconfirmed status can be brought over to this account here? Hope you can clarify for me what I should do :) [[User:Dada|Dada]] ([[User talk:Dada|talk]]) 11:45, 6 September 2019 (UTC)
:See the {{ar|FAQ}}. --<span lang="ja">[[User:TheICTLiker4|<span style="color:#f30">'''TheI'''</span>]][[Special:Contributions/TheICTLiker4|<span style="color:#bbb">'''CTLi'''</span>]][[User talk:TheICTLiker4|<span style="color:#f81">'''ker4'''</span>]]</span> 15:23, 27 January 2020 (UTC)