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You have been a contributor here long enough to know our policies on edit/upload warring. If you disagree with an upload that someone has made, you should discuss with either that user or on a talk page. Just because one party in a dispute is blocked does not give you permission to revert and continue the upload war. You have been blocked until January 1st, when you return, please keep our policies in mind. Thank you. '''''[[bp:User:Pokemaster97|<span style="color:Blue;">--Pokemaster</span>]][[User talk:Pokemaster97|<span style="color:Blue;">97</span>]]''''' 23:01, 28 December 2016 (UTC)
== You said "This text should be in the edit summary, not the page itself" ==
I did put it in the summary when I uploaded it, but whatever I type in it ends up on the page itself. Unless, is there's a method I don't know about? [[User:Unowninator|Unowninator]] ([[User talk:Unowninator|talk]]) 06:14, 1 May 2017 (UTC)