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:You're wrong. I have discussed things, so this isn't some "abstract concept" and don't act like it is. And I have looked at the file in question. I reverted each image once. I uploaded an image, it got changed, so I reverted it and then it got changed and I uploaded another image, that got changed, so I reverted that image once. Reverting once isn't a problem. So, no, I shouldn't be made to follow a specific rule when I'm not edit warring anymore and I'm not the only one involved in these things. And if I haven't discussed things with specific members, then that is simply because doing so would be a waste of time when they stupidly are targeting me and won't listen to what I have to say and if they ever happen to magically listen, then I'll ride a flying pig. [[User:Playerking95|Playerking95]] ([[User talk:Playerking95|talk]]) 07:28, 12 December 2016 (UTC)
::No. You have not discussed things. Otherwise, you would've went to Rahl's page and asked why his image was good. But that's a waste of time, so lets waste more time edit warring. "I reverted '''each''' image once". Is that not edit warring? Yes... yes it is. What you described is the very essence of edit warring. Just because you reverted each image once doesn't mean you've only reverted once, that's not how it works. You're under the presumption that this rule is from this incident. It's not. It's from '''every single time you've edit warred on the Archives and the Wiki'''. We didn't look at this incident and say "lets make a rule", we looked at your '''entire history''' of edit warring and came to that conclusion. And users don't listen because you don't engage with them and ask why they reverted you. Someone has to take the initiative, if they're not going to come to you, go to them.--[[User:Force Fire|Force Fire]] ([[User talk:Force Fire|talk]]) 09:04, 12 December 2016 (UTC)
:::No, I have discussed, so accept that, because that IS the truth and anything else is a blantent lie. Also, that is not edit warring. One revert is not a war. And I didn't say that it was because of this, especially when I didn't do anything wrong on that file's name and you're acting like all I do is reverting, which again, you are wrong about. And again, you're wrong, they don't engage because they won't listed. I'm not the only one that has to engage first, because as I have said time and TIME again, I'm not the only one in this. [[User:Playerking95|Playerking95]] ([[User talk:Playerking95|talk]]) 09:08, 12 December 2016 (UTC)