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GIFs that should be tagged?
:::::::JPEG is lossy while PNG is lossless. Converting from JPEG to PNG directly doesn't fix the quality issue but rather bloats file size. PNG is the easiest to work with because no compounding lossy compression with each save to edit.
:::::::The direct conversion from GIF to PNG doesn't do anything as well but the compression is better if it were in PNG (after pngout or something has been applied to the PNG). If the sprites or screenshots were taken from a raw (uncompressed) source (such as bitmap), all colors would be preserved if saved in PNG and not GIF. Adamws says he's got the PNG replacements. Should someone else take care of pages protected from edits by regular users? --[[User:Wildgoosespeeder|Wildgoosespeeder]] ([[User talk:Wildgoosespeeder|talk]]) 05:24, 20 September 2016 (UTC)
::::::::No. As I mentioned upthread, they do not need to be changed. End of discussion. [[Special:Contributions/Zesty Cactus|--]][[User:Zesty Cactus|<span style="color:#006400">'''Zesty'''</span>]][[User talk:Zesty Cactus|<span style="color:#3CB371">'''Cactus'''</span>]] 05:52, 20 September 2016 (UTC)