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Gen VI Upload Permission: Reply.
Hello Kogoro, I'm sure you have noticed that I have been uploading a lot of move images for Generation VI. However, Tiddlywinks told me that I needed permission to be doing this, something unbeknownst to me, so I am now contacting you for permission to upload further move images for Generation VI. Thanks! [[Special:Contributions/Mikoro|<font face="Lucida Handwriting" size="2" color="#FF0000">I am</font>]] [[User:Mikoro|<font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2" color="#00FF33">Mikoro</font>]] ([[User talk:Mikoro|wanna talk?]]) 23:33, 7 March 2016 (UTC)
:Notice regarding the permission requirements are listed not only on the site notice that appears at the top of every page on the Archives, but at the beginning of the upload form. As for receiving permission, we need to confirm a few bits of information first. First thing, where/how are you obtaining the screenshots you're uploading? Keep in mind, that you must '''not''' upload any more Gen VI screenshots until permission has been granted. - [[User:Kogoro|'''<span class="sc" style="color:#DA70D6;">Kogoro</span>''']] '''-''' [[User talk:Kogoro|'''<span class="sc" style="color:#FFB6C1;">Talk to me</span>''']] - 23:56, 7 March 2016 (UTC)