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312 bytes added, 11:36, 11 February 2016
Please check the recent uploads to see if the file you want to upload isn't already uploaded. Also, that could work as the Clemontic Gear image, the one I uploaded. Also, not really a requirement, just a recommendation, when naming extra scene images, don't name it with the next number another file isn't blocking, name it with the epicode. For example, Extra Scene XY106. - '''[[Special:Contribs/PokémonGamer|<font color="green">Pokémon</font>]][[User talk:PokémonGamer|<font color="skyblue">Gamer</font>]]''' 11:35, 11 February 2016 (UTC)
:It's okay to name it that, there's no real requirement. Also, I've had a discussion with another user and we decided to prefer the epicode. - '''[[Special:Contribs/PokémonGamer|<font color="green">Pokémon</font>]][[User talk:PokémonGamer|<font color="skyblue">Gamer</font>]]''' 11:36, 11 February 2016 (UTC)