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:::To me, it looks like [[User_talk:Kogoro#XY_Clothing_Tags|she has already replied]]. --[[User:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#A70000">'''Snorlax'''</span>]][[User talk:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#0000A7">'''Monster'''</span>]] 08:47, 4 December 2014 (UTC)
::::Oh, alright. For some reason I never got an email confirmation about that. [[User:Voltdetector|Voltdetector]] ([[User talk:Voltdetector|talk]]) 09:07, 4 December 2014 (UTC)
== Article ==
Would you please rename this page's name by adding the possesive article at Deoxys? Because I forgot to add it back then. [[User:DJWolfy|<span style="color:Blue;">--'''DJ'''</span>]][[User talk:DJWolfy|<span style="color:Blue;">'''Wolfy'''</span>]] 14:41, 25 March 2015 (UTC)