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Large overworld weather anipng: new section
Hey man, I have been tackling the {{cat|Candidates for moving}} and I noticed a bunch of glitch Pokémon's sprites need to be moved to the new standard. Great! Except, when I tried to move these four images: [[:File:Gmp1.png]], [[:File:PokedollarGlitch.png]], [[:File:RBGlitchFA.png]], and [[:File:YGlitchCD.png]], it said the destination filename was taken. I didn't move them yet cause the other pics look different so I didn't want to mess around with anything (I know some glitch Pokémon can have common sprites but it's not something I am super knowledgeable about) anyway, since you are project leader, I was wondering if you could help me out with this or point me in the right direction. Thanks!! [[Special:Contributions/Zesty Cactus|--]][[User:Zesty Cactus|<span style="color:#006400">'''Zesty'''</span>]][[User talk:Zesty Cactus|<span style="color:#3CB371">'''Cactus'''</span>]] 21:53, 16 December 2013 (UTC)
== Large overworld weather anipng ==
Hi there, I was recommended to pass these questions on to you by G50.<br>
I have been working on animating the overworld weather conditions, and the last one I need to upload is the Tornadus/Thunderus summoned "thunderstorm" in BW. However, the file I get is over 4 MB because a) 60fps, and b) extremely high detail with the amount of rain on the screen, and there is a certain length to the animation. Obviously I will need a staff member to upload it for me, but I wanted to ask what you would consider the limit for the size. Is over 4 MB too much? Here is probably the best one I made time-wise - it's over 4 MB: [ Thunderstorm V]. It's worth noting that I experimented with 30 fps, but it barely dropped the file size and the animation didn't look as clean as it needed to be. Let me know what you think, and if necessary, I may be able to tinker a little more with the frames to get a smaller file.<br>
- On a somewhat related note, would you classify this weather to be Heavy rain or Thunderstorm? I don't think there is any lightning flashes, but there could be thunder? It may help to look at the {{bp|Rain#Variations|Rain}} page - I did describe it as a Thunderstorm there, but it may need to be changed. [[User:Jdthebud|Jdthebud]] ([[User talk:Jdthebud|talk]]) 02:03, 30 April 2014 (UTC)