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Game maps
====Game maps and locations====
*Maps should be named as follows:
**'''[region] [location] [number] [game].png'''
***[region] is optional and it means the region the route it's on (it doesn't apply to Victory Road).
***[location] means the location the map is taken from (e.g. Route or City).
***[number] is optional, it's used for locations such as routes, floor numbers at buildings, floor numbers at Victory Road and others.
***[game] is the game abbreviation.
*Note that there may be some exceptions to this rules, like the Safari Zones, mostly applies to unique sites.
**'''Kanto Route 14 RBY.png'''
***Route 14 in Kanto, in the first generation.
**'''Victory Road 1F GSC.png'''
***First floor at Victory Road in GSC.
**'''Kanto Safari Zone FRLG.png'''
**'''Celadon Department Store HGSS.png'''
**'''Hoenn Battle Frontier.png'''
***Battle Frontier found only in Emerald.
**'''Sinnoh Johto Battle Frontier.png'''
***Battle Frontier found in the Generation IV games.
**'''Goldenrod Pokémon Center C.png'''
***Pokémon Center only found in Crystal.
====Other sprites====