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Higher staff members: Given that I was able to assign user rights on April 20, 2005, I think I've been admin longer than that. :p
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{{AdminCell|Archaic|Bulbagarden Owner|Active|DecemberApril 2113, 2005|bp=Staff|bn=Staff}}
{{AdminCell|evkl|Deputy Head of Bulbagarden|Active|April 24, 2005|bp=Editorial Board|bn=Board of Editors}}
{{AdminCell|BulbaBot|Evil Robot|Bot|April 16, 2005|bp=Robot Admin|bn=Robot Admin}}
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{{AdminCell|Zhen Lin|Former Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief<br>Archives Bureaucrat|Hiatus|NovemberApril 2813, 20062005|bp=Editorial Board|bn=Technical staff}}
{{AdminCell|Argy|Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief<br>Archives Bureaucrat|Inactive|February 25, 2007|bp=Bureaucrat|bn=Board of Editors}}
{{AdminCell|TTEchidna|Former Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief<br>Archives Bureaucrat|Active|February 25, 2007|bp=Editorial Board|bn=Editor}}