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=====Are there rules to using the userspace?=====
Generally there shouldn't be a userpage on the Archives. That isn't the purpose of this site. It would be better if you went to Bulbapedia to create your userpage,; however;, a simple link or redirect to your Bulbapedia page is alrightall right. Userspace limits are the same here as on Bulbapedia, three edits per day (or less if there are certain limitations on Bulbapedia). If you go above this limit, you may lose your privilege to edit your userpage here indefinitely.
=====Can I have personal images?=====
Yes, however there are rules. There are two images allowed per user and they must '''not''' include a photograph of a user's self,; these images will be deleted. Other personal images include personal logos, personal trainer sprites, drawings, trainer cards and mostly any image that would only be used in the User: namespace and have no encyclopedic value to Bulbagarden and its affiliates. Users wishing to upload personal images should tag them with the {{template|i-Personal}} template for easier organization.
===Problems with other users===
=====This user is reverting me and changing my image, what do I do?=====
Users do fight over images, however, instead of getting in an edit war, bring it up on the other user's talk page, a staff's talk page, or the talk page of the file itself to solve the problem. Edit wars are frowned upon and users caught in edit wars can face short blocks depending on the revisions they've changed.
==Uploading related==
=====What are some common categories?=====
Some common categories include {{cat|Moves (game)}}, {{cat|Location artwork}}, and main character categories. Specifics include {{cat|Pikachu}}, {{cat|Ash Ketchum}}, {{cat|Meowth (Team Rocket)}}, and {{cat|Blue (Adventures)}}. If you are unsure if a certain category exists, either check if it does through the search bar or ask a staff member or other active members.
=====Why is this image not moving on my browser?=====
Some images move, and while a lot of browsers support them, some do not. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari do not support png moving images, while browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera support them. If you cannot see the moving image, but the image is tagged with a template that says that it moves, please do not change anything, as it does move for other users.
=====Someone mentioned that I shouldn't be using jpgs, why?=====
Moving files is a junior administrator and above tool. However, if a file does need to be changed, you can place the {{template|move}} on the page, along with the new filename, like <nowiki>{{move|New filename}}</nowiki>. After an image is moved, an administrator will delete the redirect and remove the template.
<!--=====Why do we use AniPNG instead of GIFs for animated sprites?=====
<!--Something about color palettes and ugliness on thumbnails or something?-->