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still needs updating. will discuss later to determine format for magazine scans, which is quite disorganized overall...
* Images containing single characters or Pokémon should be organized into that character or Pokémon's group.
* Images containing small or medium groups of characters and/or Pokémon should be categorized into each character and/or Pokémon groups, excluding any which are very small or very obscured in the image.
* Images containing large groups of characters or Pokémon should be placed in the ''{{cat|Large group artwork''images}} category. The image should also be added to the categories of any characters and/or Pokémon particularly prominent in the group.
* Images containing items should be added to the ''Item artwork'' category. As the category becomes full, this category may be divided into sub-categories as necessary.
* Stock artwork may be taken from other websites. Remember to credit the source website.
* Stock artwork should be saved as .jpg, except when the background is transparent, in which case .png is preferred.
* Avoid any alteration to stock artwork, except removing backgrounds or intrustiveintrusive text and resizing.
* Stock artwork should be made by official sources. If no such artwork is available yet, artwork by non-official sources may be used with permission.
====Sugimori artwork====
* Generally, Sugimori artwork is preferred over other stock artwork. However, other artwork from official sources is still acceptable. If there is room for both images in the article, please include both, but if not, please use the Sugimori artwork. For reference, articles are most often organized to associate Sugimori artwork with game information and other artwork, unless connected to another form of canon, to anime information.
* Game sprites may be taken from other websites. Remember to credit the source website.
* All sprites should be either .png or .gif images with either white or transparent backgrounds.
* Please avoid trimming sprites, and never scale sprites. SpritesStill sprites should be kept true to their original size; for example, Pokémon and trainer battle sprites from the first two generations should be 56x5656×56, battle sprites from the third generation should be 64x6464×64, battle sprites from the fourth generation should be 80x8080×80, and battle sprites from the fifth generation should be 90x9096×96. Animated sprites may exceed these limits, though they cannot be lower than the aforementioned sizes.
* Sprites should be made by official sources. If no such sprites are available yet, sprtessprites by non-official sources may be used with permission.
** Crystal (anim)
** Gen IIGold/Silver back
** Crystal back
** Ruby/Sapphire
** Emerald (anim)
** Gen IIIRuby/Sapphire back
** FireRed/LeafGreen back
** Emerald back
** Diamond/Pearl
** HeartGold/SoulSilver
** Gen IVDiamond/Pearl back
** Platinum back
** HeartGold/SoulSilver back
** Black/White
** Gen VBlack/White back
** Black 2/White 2
** Black 2/White 2 back
**[_g] is gender for 4th+ gen sprites
**[_s] is shiny for 2nd+ gen sprites
**[_a-Unown letter] at the end (but before _s) for Unown's letter
**[_weather]*EX (sun/rain/hail)for at!, the end (but before _s)QU for Castform's forms?
**[_forme-Type] at the end (but before _s) for DeoxysArceus's formetype
**[_typeletter] at the end (but before _s) for Burmy/Wormadam'sother 2ndPokémon typewith forms
**[_region] at the end (but before _s) for Shellos/Gastrodon's region
**[_type] at the end (but before _s) for Arceus's type
*Sprites should be named as follows:
** '''Spr [game(s) of debut] [Trainer name].png'''
** '''Spr BW Swimmer M.png'''
***Male Swimmer in Black and White
** '''Spr DP Waiter.png'''
***Waiter in Diamond and Pearl
* Sprites should be named as follows:
** '''Bag XXX Sprite.png'''
* Sizes should be 24x24
====Menu sprites====
====Game maps and locations====
*Maps should be named as follows:
**'''[region] [location] [number] [game].png'''
***[region] is optional and it means the region the route it's on (it doesn't apply to Victory Road).
***[location] means the location the map is taken from (e.g. Route or City).
***[number] is optional, it's used for locations such as routes, floor numbers at buildings, floor numbers at Victory Road and others.
***[game] is the game abbreviation.
*Note that there may be some exceptions to this rules, like the Safari Zones, mostly applies to unique sites.
**'''Kanto Route 14 RBY.png'''
***Route 14 in Kanto, in the first generation.
**'''Victory Road 1F GSC.png'''
***First floor at Victory Road in GSC.
**'''Kanto Safari Zone FRLG.png'''
**'''Celadon Department Store HGSS.png'''
**'''Hoenn Battle Frontier.png'''
***Battle Frontier found only in Emerald.
**'''Sinnoh Johto Battle Frontier.png'''
***Battle Frontier found in the Generation IV games.
**'''Goldenrod Pokémon Center C.png'''
***Pokémon Center only found in Crystal.
====Other sprites====
* If used in the articles for the episode or movie that the screenshot was derived from, avoid trimming the image. Screenshots for episodes should be 320x240, or failing that, in another 4:3 ratio. Screenshots for movies should be 426x240, or failing that, in another 16:9 ratio, assuming the movie is in widescreen format. If the screenshot is used in another article, such as a character profile, trimming is allowed to focus the image on the article's subject.
* Episode screenshots should be as informative about the episode as possible. The best screenshots focus on major characters, depict the plot or major events of the episode, and display the episode's animation quality. Screenshots with watermarks or text on them should particularly be avoided, as should screenshots that spoil the episode's most important event.
* Screenshots used to depict errors in an episode should feature significant mistakes at first glance, such as a miscolored piece of clothing or hair, or lack thereof. Very specific errors that need a overly thorough examination of the episode do not meet the aforementioned criteria and will not be valid.
====Game screenshots====
====Manga scans====
* The scans should be named as follows:
** '''[manga code][chapter number].png'''
*** Scans of each chapter should show the first page of said manga.
*** Each manga code is unique to each manga, correlating with the respective article on Bulbapedia. For instance, the manga code for Magical Pokémon Journey is '''PPP''', while the manga code for Pokémon RéBURST is '''RB'''. Note that for Pokémon Adventures, instead of chapters, this is referred to as ''rounds''.
*** Should there be bonus chapters, there is a '''B''' in front of the chapter number. For instance, if one were to upload the second bonus chapter of Magical Pokémon Journey, the file would be uploaded as "PPPB02.png".
=====Cover pages=====
* Cover page scans for manga should be named as such:
** '''[Media name] [Company name/Region abbreviation] volume [vol. #].png'''
====TCG scans====
* TCG scans should be named as follows:
** '''[card name][set name][set number].jpg'''
*** [card name] is the name of the card, and all non-alphanumeric characters (excluding hyphens, but including spaces) should be omitted. For any name that includes ''''s''', omit the entire ''''s''' rather than just the apostrophe.
*** [set name] is the name of the English set the card is in (Japanese set only if the print has not appeared in English), and all non-alphanumeric characters (excluding hyphens, but including spaces) should be omitted. For any name that includes ''''s''', omit the entire ''''s''' rather than just the apostrophe.
*** [set number] is the English set number the card is in (Japanese set number only if the print has not appeared in English). If the print has no set number, do not include it.
* Note that there should be no spaces in the filenames of TCG scans.
* Examples:
** '''SpinarakAquapolis111.jpg'''
*** Nothing special
** '''PokéBallJungle64.jpg'''
*** The space in "Poké Ball" is omitted
** '''DialgaDiamondPearl1.jpg'''
*** The & in the "Diamond & Pearl" is omitted
** '''SabrinaMrMimeGymHeroes94.jpg'''
*** The 's in "Sabrina's" is omitted, and the period and space are omitted in "Mr. Mime"
** '''ImakuniCoroCoroPromo.jpg'''
*** The ? in "Imakuni?" is omitted, spaces are removed from set name, and there is no set number
====TFG photos====
* Photos of TFG figures should be taken at either a front-on or 3/4ths¾ view, depending on which best captures the form of the figure.
* Photos should be taken with a white background.
==Personal images==
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