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=SomeThe ofONLY mypage Cheats/Glitchesyou Ineed Knowto insee theabout Gamesgetting legendary Pokémon for FREE!!!=
===If you see a Pokémon you want I'll try to get the highest level I have!!! Just E-Mail me at '''[email protected]''' saying the ones you want, I'll try to buzz you back ASAP!!! IT'S 1st COME, 1st SERVE!!!
-InIF Gold,YOU Silver,WANT andME CrystalTO youGIVE canTHEM cloneA byHELD savingITEM inFOR frontYOU ofJUST the PC then deposit the Pokémon you wish to clone into an EMPTY box, then you change boxes, When it says '''Saving, Do Not Turn Off The Power''' you quickly turn it off halfway through the message, when you turn the game on again you sould have one of the Pokémon in your Party and oneE-MAIL inME yourSAYING PCSO!!!
*7 Shiny Arceus' (ALL SHINIES!!!!)
*3 Articunos (no SHINIES)
=My*3 ListMoltres'(no of Pokémon I want to TRADE=SHINIES)
-7*4 Shiny ArceusZapdos' (no SHINIES)
-*3 Heatrans(no SHINIES)
*4 Giritinas(1 SHINY)
*2 Darkrais (1 is SHINY)
*5 Manaphys (3 of them are SHINY)
*3 Mewtwos (no SHINIES)
*3 Jirachis (1 SHINY)
*2 Shaymins (1 SHINY)
*2 Kyogres (no SHINIES)
*2 Cressellias (no SHINIES)
*3 Groudons(no SHINIES)
*3 Dialgas (1 is SHINY)
*3 Ho-ohs (1 is SHINY)
*2 Spiritombs (1 is SHINY)
*2 Deoxys' (1 is SHINY)
*2 Shedinjas (1 is SHINY)
*3 Azelfs (1 SHINY)
*2 Mesprits(no SHINIES)
*1 Palkia (not SHINY)
~I also have every Fossil Pokémon known up for offers too!
---I've I Almost always given away My strong ones to people who can't beat a certain Gym, or the Elite Four, so i just give them to you anyway for FREE!!!