BBF mijzelffan

Title: The Finals of the Shubertrode battle tournament
Author: mijzelffan

MC: “Here we are today in the finale of the Shubertrode battle tournament, where Jasper and Ricky will battle for being the champion!” The audience clapped, and the MC continued. “It’ll be a threatening 3 vs. 3 battle, and only 1 person can win. But before we start, let’s look at the greatest moments of the two contestants!” First my moments were shown on the giant TV. The scene of my Absol taking down Michelle’s Infernape with a critical hit Stone Edge. Yeah, that was the hardest battle yet. Because I had seen all those fragments already I looked to Noam and Emma, my friends, who sat on the VIP bench. Noam was flirting with some girl, but Emma waved at me, and I waved back. Seeing Emma gave me the feeling I could do it. “Are you ready? Set, GO!” the MC yelled. The battle started. “Go, Vilepume!” I spoke, and Vileplume seemed as eager to win as I. “Go Bellossom, defeat that lousy Vileplume!” Ricky said. For some reason Ricky’s Pokémon seem just as evil ad he is, and this was no exception. “Since you can’t make up your mind I’ll attack first, Bellossom use Sunny Day!” Bellossom hopped around saying her name while holding a stone, probably a heat rock, and the sun started to shine. “HA, Bellossom is even faster now!” Ricky said. “So is Vileplume” I said, “Vileplume, use Gastro Acid.” Vileplume started getting hiccups and then he spewed a gross-looking green acid on Bellossom, who tried to avoid it but couldn’t. “Gross,” Ricky said, “you just wait, I’ll get you for this!” Since energy ball works bad on Bellossom, and Sludge bomb great, I already knew my next move. “Vileplume, use sludge bomb!” I told Vileplume. Yup, a purple sticky kind of poison was shot from Vileplume’s mouth and it hit Bellossom in her face. “you think you’re so fast don’t you?” Ricky said angrily. “Well then, take this! Stun Spore!”. The flowers on Bellossom’s head started to spin, Bellossom did a back flip and yellow dust came out of the flowers. Vileplume suddenly couldn’t move anymore, it was paralyzed. “Let’s see who’s the fastest now.” Ricky laughed at me. “Bellossom use Solarbeam! No wait use Hidden Power!” Bellossom started to dance the sunny day dance again, but this time all kind of little orbs floated around her and they hit Vileplume. “Vileplume doesn’t like this super effective hidden power does he?” Ricky laughed again. “Aromatherapy Vileplume!” I said. “Aaaaah, I love the smell of aromatherapy…” I said. MC: “The whole audience seem to like this wonderful smell…” According to Noam, Emma then whispered that she liked the smell of it as much as she liked me, but he is probably messing with me, because he knows I like Emma. Anyway, Vileplume completely recovered from its paralysis. “And now some straightforward sweeping…” I said, “ Vileplume, use Sludge bomb again!” Bellossom took the sludge bomb, I took another hidden power. “All right Vileplume, use the sludge bomb one more time!” I said, and the sludge bomb landed right in Bellossom’s face. “Gosh darn it! You’re not going to beat me!” Ricky said. MC: Bellossom is down, does this mean that Jasper is going to win? “Go Jasper, I know you can do this!” “Please win for me…” Noam and Emma said respectively. “It means nothing at all!” Ricky said. “Go Gallade!” “Talk about a coincidence…” I muttered, and then I let Vileplume fire an energy ball at Gallade. The green energy seemed stronger on this grass field outside. BAM, it hit Gallade. But Gallade didn’t seem to care. “Psycho cut, and you better make him faint or else…!” Ricky said to Gallade. Gallade closed it eyes for a second, then its swords grew pink, it ran to Vileplume and hit it. MC: “Vileplume fainted! Ricky is making a comeback…” “I’m sorry Vileplume, but good job.” I told Vileplume. “Go Gardevoir! Come on dude, I know you can win this…”

MC: Jasper sent out his Gardevoir, will she make any difference?” “It’s a HE!” I yelled angrily at the MC. Ricky saw his change and started to taunt me. “You sure his a guy? I’ve never seen a guy wear a dress before” Ricky laughed. “anyway use a swords dance Gallade!” Swords appeared around Gallade and he stepped right, stepped left and did a spin while the swords moved around him. “Use will-o-wisp Gardevoir!” I said, and Gardevoir spun around while blue flames formed around him, which then were fired at Gallade. “Burned!” I said jokingly to Ricky, who didn’t seem to like my joke. Gallade’s elbow-swords were on fire, which prevented him of attacking as well as before. “Gallade, do another swords dance!” Ricky ordered Gallade. Gallade used the same dance as before. “Hmmm, should I use Psychic or Shadow ball?” I wondered. Shadow ball seemed a better option, even if it didn’t get STAB. “Use Shadow Ball Gardevoir!” I ordered Gardevoir. Gardevoir looked for a shadowy spot, stretched his arm, closed his eyes, and drew shadow from it, which he then turned into a ball and shot at Gallade. MC: “Ouch, that must have hurt.” Ricky told its Gallade: “Use another swords dance, you’ll be at maximum power then!” Gallade used the dance again, and looked overpowered, even with it’s elbow-swords on fire. “Oh dang, Jasper is dead…” I heard Noam say, While Emma looked at me with a “you can do it” look. And I knew I could, if I was going to use the right move. “Does Gardevoir have a last wish before it goes down?” Ricky asked me. “Yes, Gardevoir use wish.” I ordered Gardevoir. Gardevoir closed his eyes again, put its hands together and looked to the sky. A shooting star appeared in the sky. “Sweeping time, Gallade use close combat!” Ricky said. Gallade ran to Gardevoir, readied its burning swords, and started hitting Gardevoir, who didn’t seem to care actually. “Hmmm, I expected that to work better with maxed out attack… A well, I’ll just use something else next time….” “Shadow ball again Gardevoir!” I ordered Gardevoir. He drew shadows from shadowy spots, formed a black-purple ball, and shot it at Gallade. “Darn, I should have taught Night Slash to Gallade, but I’ll just use leaf blade instead” Ricky said. Gallade’s burning swords turned green and hit Gardevoir. “No! Are you ok Gardevoir?” Gardevoir seemed to have survived, but at low hp. MC: “Is this the end for Gardevoir? No wait, a shooting star, Gardevoir seems to be healthy again!” Gardevoir’s wish came true, and he had new power. “Use shadow ball again Gardevoir!” I said. Gallade got hit. “Use leaf blade again Gallade!” Ricky said. Gallade dashed towards Gardevoir, aimed and hit him right in the face! Critical hit. “That hit was really Critical!” Noam joked. “Not funny Noam!” I said him, and Emma didn’t seem to like the joke either. “Now we’re going to put an and to this Gardevoir, use your last shadow ball! The shadows formed into a ball, and hit Gallade, who collapsed after getting hit. MC: “Jasper won this round too! Will he win the entire match?” “Not on my duty” Ricky said “I’ll use Lucario!” An evil looking Lucario appeared on the field. “Use wish Gardevoir!” I said. “Use wish Gardevoir… Wish isn’t going to help you now” Ricky said. “Use dark pulse Lucario!” “Lucario, cario” Lucario said angrily, and instead of using dark pulse it charged up a red looking sphere. “No, not aura sphere! Dark pulse Lucario!” Lucario didn’t seem to listen and threw the red aura sphere…. at me. I just thought I was going to die, but then Gardevoir jumped before me to protect me. “GARDEVOIR! You ok?” I screamed, but Gardevoir had fainted. “What on earth?!” Noam yelled. “That isn’t allowed!” “Jasper are you all right?” Emma asked. “I’m ok” I responded “But Gardevoir fainted.” MC: Is everything all right there Ricky? “Yes, yes not a problem at all. Lucario’s emotions just rose to a fever pitch because he’s so excited to be here. he’ll be all right. “Sceptile, if anyone can it would be you, go!” and there was my trusted starter Pokémon. “Sceptile start of with a hidden power!” but Lucario didn’t seem to even noticed he was attacked by the floating orbs. “oh, yeah… I forgot Sceptile has a rock hidden power…” I said. Then Ricky did something weird. “Lucario!” It yelled at Lucario. MC: “Wow, Lucario seemed to have come back to its senses from the trainers call!” “Weird, wish should already be here… Anyway use Dragon Pulse Sceptile, no wait, make that an energy ball!” I said. Which was my best option, since it would give STAB, and a bonus from Sceptile’s miracle seed, which made up for the fact that it worked bad on the steel type Lucario. “Lucario, use another Aura sphere!” Ricky ordered the fighting machine. Lucario charged up a ball again, but this time it was black, and shot it at Sceptile. “What’s this? First a red aura sphere and now a black one? Isn’t Aura Sphere supposed to be light blue?” Emma said. “Don’t be so skeptical” Noam said her, although I agreed with her. “Come on Sceptile, you can handle a little pain can’t you?” I said to Sceptile to comfort him. Use Energy ball! Sceptile drew power from the grass around him, and from his miracle seed too. Then he shot the ball to Lucario, who didn’t seem to like it. “Flash cannon Lucario” Ricky said. Lucario’s eyes glowed white, and he then shot a silver beam at Sceptile. Another Critical hit was made on Sceptile. “I’m so lucky today” Ricky said while doing a victory dance, but suddenly a shooting star appeared in the sky and healed Sceptile. MC: “This is strange, Gardevoir’s wish appeared very late… How’s that possible?” But I didn’t know either. It happened at right time, you can say that. “Energy ball Sceptile!” Lucario got hit again. “You start to annoy me Jasper, you know that?” Ricky said to me. “Use Aura sphere Lucario.” Lucario started to charge up the black aura into a sphere, but suddenly the sphere turned red and Lucario did nothing. “O gosh not again…” Ricky said. “Use Dragon pulse Sceptile, variation is good” I ordered Sceptile. Sceptile focused, and the roared. The dark blue pulse then went to Lucario and hit him. “I’m sick of this, I’m not calling you out again Lucario, use your most dreaded move of all. Use shadow Rush.” Ricky commanded Lucario. Lucario’s eyes turned black, he dashed towards Sceptile and hit him with a Critical hit. “Shadow Rush hits many more Critical hits in Hyper mode you know” Ricky said while smiling an evil smile. Noam: “It’s a shame, using shadow Pokémon… How low can you go?” “Jasper, please win for me…” Emma said. MC: “I’m sorry people, we can’t do anything about it. There isn’t a rule against using shadow Pokémon…” Sceptile was almost fainted, but because of this he started to grow. Sceptile became bigger then before. “Sceptile activated overgrow! Jasper you still have a chance to win this!” Emma said to me. And I knew it. “Sceppp” Sceptile said to me while showing me a root of a plant that he found. “I just thought the same Sceptile” I said. “Sceptile, USE FRENZY PLANT!!!” I yelled. Sceptile then closed it eyes, focused, summoned four giant roots from the grounds, made them dash into Lucario and beat Lucario up with the roots… MC: “Lucario fainted, that means Jasper is the winner of the tournament! Here’s your Trophy!” “Hmmm, I’m going to have you deshadowed Lucario, you’re much better when you’re normal.” Ricky said, and then he left. Emma and Noam quickly came running towards me. Noam: “Great job dude!” Emma was blushing, and she kissed me. It really was the best day of my life.