BBF ghales101

Title: Makings of a Champion
Author: ghales101

You would think that after so many battles things like this wouldn’t bother me… Grant couldn’t help but think of all the mishaps that happened this time. His championship title was on the line, and he couldn’t believe that it was slipping away like sand in a sieve.

“Round Two, Begin!” The announcer’s call echoed throughout the stadium. The stands were filled with roaring fans that were anxiously awaiting the next move. Both trainers had lost three Pokémon thus was the beginning of the next round of three-on-three battles.

“Gorebyss hit it!” Grant released his Deep Sea Pokémon in a flurry of bright pink bubbles.

“Go, Sceptile!” Ash’s Sceptile landed on the field with mastery and skill.

“Let the battle begin!”

“Leaf Blade!” Sceptile lunged at Gorebyss with amazing speed and power. The leaves on his forearms lengthened and started to glow a brilliant green.

“Counter with Psychic!” Gorebyss stopped him in his tracks. Sceptile looked around nervously as he floated in midair.

“Speed isn’t everything, Ash. Remember that.” Gorebyss then slammed Sceptile into the ground with amazing force. “Ice Beam!” A brilliant ice blue blast fired from Gorebyss’ slender mouth. Sceptile was hit head on with the devastating blast.

“Sceptile!” Ash looked on with a look of dismay. Sceptile could barely get up after that attack. “Use Bullet Seed!” He shot several pellets at Gorebyss. Gorebyss was pelted with many seeds, but its awesome defense allowed it to take little damage. “Now use Quick Attack!” Gorebyss was hit before Grant had any time to react.

“Pretty good recovery,” Grant said. “Gorebyss, use Surf, Swim Style.” Gorebyss launched a massive wave onto the field, but before it swamped the field, Gorebyss used Psychic to turn the water into a bubble-like tank. “Let’s see how you can handle this.”

“Oh great…” Ash looked around at the field. Sceptile definitely couldn’t swim as well as Gorebyss. This would take some thinking. “Sceptile, just relax. Don’t attack until I say so.”

“Well, I’ll take that as an invitation, Ash. Water Whiplash!” Whip-like protrusions came from the bubble and began to lash at Sceptile. “Ash, don’t look so surprised. I’m also a top coordinator, remember?”

Ash had to think fast. If not, he would definitely lose this match. “Sceptile, dodge it with Quick Attack!” Sceptile dodged the whips and kept evading them. “Leaf Blade!” Sceptile launched into the air and cut through the many obstacles, and then he cut right through to Gorebyss.

“Shadow Ball Barrage!” Gorebyss shot multiple Shadow Balls, each one fulfilling its purpose. Sceptile was knocked back, and Gorebyss was covered in a shadowy shroud.

“Sceptile is unable to battle. Gorebyss is the winner!”

The crowd went wild.

Grant let out a sigh of relief. He was getting back on track. “You’re doing great, Ash. This is the most fun that I’ve had in a while.”

“Thank you!” Ash smiled while recalling his Pokémon. He was enjoying it as well. “It’s not every day that you get to face the Eono League Champion!”

Everyone was waiting for Ash’s next Pokémon.

“Go, Charizard!” Ash’s Charizard entered the field and gave off intense heat. He was ready to battle.

“Battlers ready?” They gave the okay. “Begin!”

“Air Slash!” Charizard flapped its massive wings and let loose a gust of slicing wind that cleared away the shadowy cloud. The attack scarred the field and nearly seemed to cut Gorebyss in half.

“Gorebyss!” Grant didn’t know what to do. His Pokémon looked so miserable. “Gorebyss…”

“Gorebyss is unable to battle. Charizard is the winner!”

“One attack,” Grant muttered. “He beat my Gorebyss with just one attack.”

“Milotic,” Grant called, “come on out!” A beautiful creature exited Grant’s Pokéball. She landed on the field in a shower of blue, foamy bubbles.

“Battle, begin!”

“Milotic, use Surf and give it a twist!” Here was another one of Grant’s contest maneuvers. He has used Milotic in multiple of contests, and she managed to win most of them.

The field was swamped with yet another wave, but it wasn’t any ordinary Surf. The wave began to spiral, almost as if it were a Twister. The bubbles from the seal were captured in the wave as well. It was a beautiful attack. The entire audience was awed.

It was more lethal than it appeared. Charizard was forcibly knocked off his feet and carried away by the rushing water. Charizard started to flail about, but it was no help. The spiraling wave kept its hold while Milotic calmly waited for her trainer’s order.

“Safeguard, Milotic.” She began to glow in a brilliant green light. Since she was now safe from any abnormalities, Milotic started to snake her way towards Charizard. She swam into the wave and got ready to attack. “Dragon Pulse!” Milotic let loose a gorgeous blue green blast that knocked Charizard out of the water. The wave dissipated and Milotic landed on the field gracefully in a shower of shimmering droplets.

“It’s like watching a contest battle,” said an audience member.

“Well, isn’t that something,” responded another.

Charizard got up slowly, but still had energy to battle. Ash was starting to worry. He knew all and well that sending out a Fire-type against a Water-type specialist wasn’t the brightest idea. He had to recover from this, but how?

He knew.

“Charizard, use Overheat!” Charizard gave off a faint red glow and let loose a monstrous blaze of power. Milotic could barely stand her ground. “Charizard, attack with Air Slash!” Charizard lifted into the sky. The look on its face made Milotic flinch with fear. She couldn’t move.

This can’t be happening. Milotic has a Safeguard up.Then it hit him. It must have worn off!

Then with a flap of its dragonish wings, Charizard sent forth a slicing wind. Grant looked on helplessly as his Milotic was attacked by the onslaught of cutting wind.

Now, if the field wasn’t scarred enough already, it was now. The entire arena was war torn. Charizard landed confidently on the battlefield. Ash stared on at the mutilated masterpiece. Even he was outdone by the damage Charizard had done.

The referee was about to declare Charizard the victor when Milotic raised her head. Grant began to chuckle. Everyone, including the referee, looked at Grant with perplexity. They had a plan up their sleeve.

“Milo, use Recover.”

Milotic started to glow a brilliant white. Ash was shocked. He nearly forgot that Milotics could use Recover. Before his very eyes, the creature he nearly destroyed returned to her prime condition.

“Now use Surf.” Milotic closed her eyes. She looked so serene. No one could believe that just a little while ago she could barely move. Out of nowhere, a gigantic wave swamped the field and carried Charizard away.

“Charizard!” Ash yelled as he ran towards his fallen comrade.

“Charizard is unable to battle. Milotic is the winner!” The announcer was shocked by the recent turn of events. Everyone was dead silent. It was remarkable how Grant turned the entire situation around. Ash was still soaking it all in.

“Charizard, return.” As Ash recalled his Pokémon, he contemplated what he would do next. I have to use Pikachu, he thought, but if I do, he’ll be able to beat me with his last Pokémon.

   “Maybe I should just forfeit…”

“Ash Ketchum!” Grant called. “How dare you even think about forfeiting this match! You and your Pokémon have tried too hard to give up now. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!”

Everyone in the audience sat silently, shocked by what Grant had said to his challenger.

“You’re right,” Ash responded. “We have come too far to give up now. Sorry. I had no idea what I was thinking.”

“It’s alright. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back. Your getting here isn’t a fluke. Remember that, okay?”

“I will. Thank you.”

The crowd gave a deafening cheer at the sound of those words.

“Alright buddy,” Ash said, “it’s all up to you.” Pikachu leapt onto the field. Its little red cheeks let out crackling sparks.

“Battle, begin!”

“Pikachu, Quick Attack!” Pikachu shot off with a streak of bright white light trailing behind it. It ran with the speed of a bullet. No one even saw where Pikachu was until it hit Milotic.

“Milotic, repel it with Twister!” Right as Pikachu bounced off of Milotic, it was blown away by her vicious Twister. The spiraling cyclone held on to Pikachu for a few seconds until it subsided. “How do you like that, Ash?”

“You never cease to amaze me.”

“Why thank you. Milotic, follow up with Ice Beam!” A cold, icy blast was released from Milotic’s mouth. Pikachu dodged the move in enough time, but where it once stood was a sparkling patch of ice.

“Use Iron Tail!” Pikachu jumped into the air while its tail gave off a metallic glow. It landed directly on Milotic’s face and caused her intense pain.

“Recover, Milotic!”

“Not on my watch! Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!” Pikachu lunged at Milotic with awesome speed. Its attack collided with Milotic before she had a chance to recover.

“Milotic is unable to battle. Pikachu wins!”

“Milotic, return. You did great.” Grant looked over to Ash. Ash returned his gaze. There was a fire in his eye. Grant wanted to add fuel to it. “Swampert, my old friend, throw down!”

Swampert landed on the field. Streaks of blue and orange surrounded him as he took his stand.


“Hold on!” Grant dug into his bag. He tossed an item to Ash. “It’s a Light Ball. It doubles Pikachu’s strength. Now this battle won’t be as one-sided.”


“Battle, begin!”

“Swampert, Muddy Water!” The field was once again swamped with water. This time it was brown and cloudy. Pikachu had nowhere to dodge.

“Split the wave with Iron Tail!” The wave was parted by the attack, but Swampert appeared instead of a barren field.

“Use Hammer Arm!” Swampert’s arm gave off a faint orange glow. His arm made contact with Pikachu’s small body. Pikachu laid there unconscious.

“Pikachu is unable to battle. Swampert is the winner! The victor is the Champion, Grant!”

The crowd cheered.

“Wait!” Grant commanded. The audience silenced. He walked over to Pikachu then looked at the referee.

“My mistake. Pikachu is still capable of battling. Battle, resume!”

A cheer echoed throughout the arena.

“Pikachu, Thunder!”

“Ash, you should know better. Swapert is part Ground-type.”

“I don’t have to be offensive all the time.” Pikachu summoned a lightning bolt that obliterated the entire battlefield. “Now you can’t use Earthquake!”

I have to hand to you, Grant thought. You’re creative but not correct.

“Swampert, Tsunami Maneuver.” The field began to rumble. Pikachu lost its footing. Ash looked around frantically. He had no idea what was happening.

The field began to fill with cracks, and water began gushing from the ground. Ash’s Pikachu was helplessly caught in the murky water and bombarded with large chunks of earth.

“Pika!” Pikachu yelped out of pain.

“Swampert, finish them off with Return!” Swampert gave off a pink aura and rushed towards Pikachu. Using the muddy field to its advantage, Swampert picked up momentum thus strengthened the force of his attack.

“Pikachu, please get up!” Ash cried helplessly as his companion was about to be trampled. He couldn’t look.


Swampert slammed into Pikachu. The poor creature hit the ground hard, yet it managed to get to its feet, barely.


“That’s enough.” Ash looked up and saw Grant placing his hand up in defeat.


“Ash, you’ve proven yourself a worthy trainer. I’ve never in my life had such an exhilarating battle. For that I thank you.” He looked to the referee and said, “Everyone, Ash Ketchum is the victor of this match!”

There was a loud cheer as Grant walked toward Ash to present him with the Eono League Ribbon. Ash, while holding Pikachu in his arms, gladly accepted the ribbon. As he walked toward the crowd, he slipped on the patch of ice left from Milotic’s Ice Beam.