BBF Kuramahiei1091

Title: Final Exam
Author: Kuramahiei1091

Troy was just like any average teenager. Troy attended Pokémon Prepatory Academy referred to by students as “Poké Prep.” Poké Prep was the world’s leading Pokémon educational facility. But for Troy, his life at Poké Prep was about to change in an instant.

It started on a peaceful Saturday afternoon. Troy was hanging in his dorm room playing Pokémon cards with his roommate Geoff. Troy’s girlfriend, Merideth was lying on his bed reading her textbook in preparation for their exam. Troy’s other roommate Chris was lying on his bed taking care of his Umbreon.

“I level up m Gardevoir into Gardevoir Level X and I use its attack Bring Down! I win!”

“No, not again, do you lose?” Geoff replied in defeat.

“Not that I can think of,” Troy replied.

“Arrogant much Troy? Can you try to keep it down a little? I’m trying to study,” Merideth told Troy.

“Just let them have their fun, I mean they’re not too loud,” Chris said, “it’s not like people are going to come busting down the door yelling that we’re being too loud.”

Just then there was a loud crash as the door flew open. Two men in black suits and dark sunglasses stood in the doorway. “Well that’s a little ironic,” Chris joked.

“Which one of you is Troy Setters?” One man barked into the room.

“I am,” Troy said. The men walked in and grabbed Troy and proceeded to drag him outside.

“Headmaster wishes to see you,” The other man told Troy while carrying him out.

“About what? I can walk there myself,”

“Quiet, we were given direct orders to bring you him immediately,”

Troy was thrown into the back of a black car, with little idea where he was going. Eventually the door opened and he was pulled out. In front of him were giant doors that lead to Headmaster’s office. The men opened the doors, and brought Troy in. Inside there was a tall man, with shaven black hair, in a suit, sitting at a desk.

“Headmaster, we brought Troy Setters,” The guard said.

“Thank you, that’s all, you may leave,” The headmaster spoke in his loud, authoritative voice. After the guards left, he turned to Troy. “Troy Setters, just who I wanted to see. Now Troy, in my hands is your permanent record, basically files about everything related to you at this school.” He said as he held up a thick, leather-bound folder flowing with paper. “I must say, you’re quite impressive, number one in your class.”

“Thank you sir,” Troy answered quietly.

“Troy, you have a gift, it’s a privilege to have a student like you at my school, unfortunately, you have to go home,”

Troy was struck with surprise, as if he had just been punched in the gut. “Sir why?”

“Looking through your file, I’ve noticed a recent string of failed tuition payments, I’m sorry Troy, but there is a substantial fee to attend this academy.”

“There must a mistake, I assure payments were made, if they somehow weren’t I’ll call my mom, she’ll send a check, it’ll be here tomorrow,”

“I’m sorry Troy, The semester has already started, payments were due, maybe next semester, but until then, you need to pack your bags, you’ll leave tomorrow morning,”

“That’s not fair!’ Troy shouted as he pounded his clenched fists on the headmaster’s desk,

“Mr. Setters, do not take that tone with me, please exit my office and pack your bags before I fully expel you,”

“Yes headmaster,” Troy said gloomily while slowly treading to the door. When he returned outside the same car as before was waiting to return him to his dorm. Troy grudgingly entered and returned to his dorm. Troy opened the door and slowly walked in; his friends were sitting and waiting, wanting to know what happened.

“What happened?” Geoff asked,

“Supposedly my parents haven’t been paying tuition, I’m being sent home tomorrow,” Troy replied.

“They can’t do that!” Chris said,

“No!” Merideth told him as she ran over and wrapped her arms around him, “You can’t go!”

“They’re making me, can you help me pack my things,” They worked to pack up Troy’s belongings, and then went to bed. That morning they all woke early. Troy grabbed his bags and was met with another black car. “Goodbye Troy,” Chris and Geoff told him,

“Goodbye Troy, I’ll miss you please come back,” Merideth said, fighting back tears.

“I’ll be back as soon as a can, take care of yourself,” Troy said to Merideth before giving her one last hug, he turned to all three of them, “Well, it’s been great, but I guess I gotta go,” Troy loaded his belongings into the trunk and entered the car. The door closed and the car started.

One week later, Troy was lying on his bed in his room still in despair about being sent home. Suddenly his mom called and told him to come downstairs. When Troy got downstairs he saw Merideth standing in the doorway.

“Merideth, what’s wrong,” Troy asked trying to figure out what was going on,

“Troy,” Merideth said panting, “I need you; you have to come back to school,”

“But I can’t Headmaster said-“

“Headmaster’s evil, Troy, its all part of his plan. He’s drained the energy of all the students to harness some sort of dark power, I managed to escape, but at the cost of Chris and Geoff,”

“So he just wanted me out of the way,” Troy mumbled to himself. Troy looked up to Merideth, “Let’s go, I’ll be outside in a second, have to get something from upstairs,”

Merideth nodded her head and Troy ran back up to his room. Troy ran to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer, after digging through clothes; he found small key out of the box. Then he ran to his closet and pulled a chest out, and set it on his bed.

“I never thought I’d have to use these again,” Troy said as he inserted the key into the chest’s lock and unlocked the chest. When it opened, there were 3 poke balls sitting inside, one red, blue, and yellow. Troy grabbed all three and ran downstairs and outside to meet Merideth. “Let’s go,” Troy told her.

Troy and Merideth secretly snuck inside school. They made their way towards the auditorium, where Merideth knew Headmaster was. When they got there, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Headmaster was standing on the stage with a black aura emitting from him, the students paralyzed and lifeless.

“Finally, I have enough energy to use the powers of darkness and rule the world!” Headmaster shouted. Troy took this as a sign to take the initiative.

“Over my dead body Headmaster!” Troy shouted. The headmaster looked up to Troy who was standing in the back of the audience.

“Troy, what are you doing here?” Headmaster shouted at him,

“Stopping you!”

“Just try!” Headmaster said as his hand glowed, three black poke balls appeared, “I didn’t send you home because I was scared, I did to spare you; you have a gift, join me and we can rule the world,”

“I’m here to defeat you!”

“You could’ve been something special; now, I’ll have to destroy you!” Headmaster shouted as he grabbed a poke ball, “Go Darkrai!” The head master threw the poke ball. “Face it Troy, I know all about your Absol, Lucario, and Gardevoir and have developed strategies to beat them!”

“Who said I would use them?” Troy said as he pulled out a yellow poke ball. “Please do me well,” he told the ball before throwing it. “Go Raikou!” Troy ran up onto the stage to command Raikou.

“Raikou? Where did you get that from?” Headmaster asked, with a small tremble in his voice,

“That doesn’t matter,” Troy said, sensing Headmaster’s shock, “Raikou, thunderbolt!” Raikou’s body crackled as electricity surged throughout, then Raikou directed that electricity at Darkrai. Darkrai was heavily damaged, but not down.

“You think that’s enough to defeat me?” Headmaster laughed, “Now witness the true power of darkness! Dark void!” A black ball of energy appeared in Darkrai’s hands. He launched the ball at Raikou. Once hit, Raikou was instantly asleep. “Now Darkrai’s ability kicks in, show him your bad dreams!” Headmaster commanded. Darkrai’s eyes glowed, and Raikou began to howl in pain.

“Raikou wake up!”Troy shouted, it was no use, Raikou was fast asleep.

“Now Darkrai unleash your next move, nightmare!” Darkrai’s eyes glowed again, as Raikou howled in more pain as its subconscious was tormented by nightmares. “And bad dreams again!” Raikou was in extreme pain while asleep, he couldn’t take much more.

“I’ve gotta do something,” Troy said to himself,

“Darkrai finish this with Dark Pulse!” Darkrai began charging energy in his hands, and launched it at Raikou.

“Raikou wake up!” Troy shouted in desperation. Just before the blast was to hit Raikou, Raikou woke and dodged the blast. “Thunder!” Raikou charged up more electricity than before and shot it at the off guard Darkrai. Darkrai laid in defeat. Both trainers recalled their Pokémon. Frustrated with his defeat, Headmaster threw out his next Pokémon, Heatran.

“That should be easy,” Troy said as he grabbed his blue poke ball. “Go Suicune!”

“Heatran magma storm!” Headmaster called, Heatran summoned up a column of fire engulfing Suicune.

“Suicune you’re gonna have to take this hit, but for now Calm Mind!” Troy told Suicune. Suicune closed its eyes and it began to glow. Then the column of fire erupted again.

“You’re trapped within my fiery vortex!” Laughed Headmaster,”Heatran, fire blast,” Heatran began to spew fire from its mouth towards Suicune.

“Give him a taste of his own medicine, use mirror coat!” Suicune’s body turned silver and reflected the attack back onto Heatran. Again the pillar of fire engulfed Suicune.

‘Try a different tactic, Heatran, Iron Head!” Heatran’s head began to glow as he charged towards Suicune.

“Suicune, Hydro Pump!” The crystal above Suicune’s head began to glow, then Suicune emitted an enormous blast of water at the charging Heatran, stopping it in its tracks. Heatran fell to the ground in defeat. Headmaster withdrew his last poke ball.

“Go Giratina!” Then an Another Forme Giratina emerged.

Troy grabbed his red poke ball, “Go Entei!” Immediately when Entei appeared Troy commanded him, “Now use eruption!” A pillar of flame shot out of Entei’s back and crashed into Giratina.

“You can’t hit something you can’t see, Giratina use shadow force!” Giratina vanished instantly.

“Entei, stay on your guard, he could be anywhere, raise your defenses, use calm mind,” Entei began to glow, then Giratina appeared striking a blow to Entei’s side. “Counter with a fire blast,” Entei unleashed a large amount of fire from his mouth towards Giratina.

“That’s it? This’ll easy then,” Headmaster remarked, “Finish him with shadow force!” Giratina vanished again.

“Calm mind,” Just as before, Entei started glowing then Giratina struck. Headmaster believed it was over, but Entei rose from the hit. “Finish this for real! Overheat!” Fire began growing all over Entei and with one roar launched it all at Giratina, consuming the beast in flames. Giratina was down.

Headmaster’s dark energy began to consume him, taking his energy and redistributing it to the students. Then Headmaster was gone. All the students came to their senses and saw Troy on stage; they began to cheer, they didn’t know how, but they knew Troy had saved them.

“You did it Troy!” Merideth said, running on stage to give Troy a hug.

“Yeah I did, didn’t I?” Troy replied, still in amazement of what happened. Then the Vice-headmaster walked up to greet Troy.

“Troy, you singlehandedly saved the whole school. You know, there’s going to be a lot of work to rebuild after this event; we, well I, would be grateful to you head the redesign team.”

“It’d be my honor sir,” Troy said, looking out into the crowd, knowing he had just saved not only his school, but possibly the whole world, and that more adventures were to come.