BBF Amethyst Dream

Title: Untitled
Author: Amethyst Dream

The moon rose high above the steep mountain slope, with the smooth crystalline obsidian flowing down from summit to valley, jarred only by the shining stalagmites that cast themselves up randomly among the sparkling stone. Stars sang their song of light in the sky, their fires bringing life to the chilled air and world in shadow. And there were three below. Cradled between the spires of the silky rock that sprung forth diagonally, he, the human with the ebony-violet hair that flew down past his shoulders, took respite from his life. Around him, the two smaller ones- Pokèmon, as they were called- romped playfully about the rock formations, mewing cheerfully. Siblings and friends from birth, the Espeon and Umbreon around him danced and jolted at each other playfully.

The human sighed and shifted in his seat, turning his face slightly, still staring wistfully at the moon. As he did, the other two halted in their place, and glanced over at him, concerned. No one stirred for a moment, and just as the little ones were about to resume their fun, a shrill and harsh cry was heard echoing up from the valley.


Its raspy and rushed voice grew in volume as it approached. And as it came, it leaped over the last ridge into view of the human. Espeon and Umbreon turned towards it, both poised to attack. There it stood, proud, staring down the other two Pokémon, its claws sharp, teeth born, the cerise feather on its head waving gracefully through the air.


The human turned to see the Pokémon, and smiled.

“Oh, a Sneasel... Cute,” he said, as he jumped up, reaching for his Pokéballs. In that moment, the weasel sprinted off. “Umbreon, stop it from leaving!” Umbreon instantly raced alongside it. Yet, Sneasel was faster. The path through the stalagmites became narrow further ahead, and when Sneasel stumbled among the glassy stone, Umbreon bounded forth, bouncing off of the spire, landing straight in front of the weasel, with an elegant slip of the paws. In the moonlight, and in action, its body's rings were in full glow, a pure white emanating from each, blinding the stunned Sneasel.

“Beautiful, Umbreon. Now, Mean Look.”

Umbreon glared straight through the Sneasel's eyes and pierced its soul. For the competitors now, the rest of the world ceased to exist; all that remained was this battle. Trapped in an abysmal dimension closer to and farthest from reality as one could be, they began the true battle.

“Espeon, you will have to sit this out,” the human suddenly said, shooting red light from the Pokéball, and recalling Espeon as it brayed a satisfied mew. The two that stood before him were of light and darkness- Umbreon, glowing bright with energy of Luna herself, and the Sneasel, standing strong, bold and brave before an unknown challenger.

Without warning, the Sneasel flew forward, cutting the air with a lightning-fast slash. Umbreon ducked under the weasel's arm, but the claw clipped its ear. Spinning around from behind, the momentum gave it strength and with its tail, Umbreon knocked Sneasel against the stone structure in a whirl of light. Sneasel gave a pained cry as it fell against the obsidian. Umbreon raced down the slope, and again ricocheted off the crystalline spire, flipping back in the air in another glorious blaze of light, and slammed Sneasel from above. Though what the creature hit was no Sneasel, but again the slippery stone of the mountain, as Sneasel had escaped in the flash.

Seconds passed. Umbreon slid to its feet, trying to maintain balance. The stone was cold, the air was ice. A stern silence boomed over the mountain side. The wind's chorus soon filled the scene, wispy, waving, washing over the world like a great flood.

Suddenly, a large dark orb shot forth from the tip of a spire. Umbreon flew out of the way and turned to face the threat, as another shadowy ball followed. Each crashed into the stone with a piercing shock, denting the stone with the umber flares. Umbreon zigzagged through the stalagmites and shadow missiles to reach the source. He drew near, and at the moment of opportunity, Umbreon leaped into the air to come crashing down on where Sneasel should have been. But in the passing second, a grand shadow ball struck Umbreon head-on, knocking it back into a crystal tower. It fell to the ground with a whimper, and collapsed, as the light faded from its body to little more than saffron markings.


Solemnly, the human withdrew the fainted Pokémon, glaring at the weasel, who now looked quite cheerful. From behind, slow, solitary claps echoed, followed by the click of footsteps, marching calmly up the glossy slope. A crimson light shot forth from below, and Sneasel vanished.

“That wasn't wild?”

A second trainer appeared through the darkness. “Wimp,” he snorted.

“You trained it well,” the dark-haired human responded.

“I don't need your praise.” The opposition's voice was all that was present. His figure remained obscured. Yet, the countenance was clearly visible in blindness —angry, bitter, and misunderstood.

“I'm Ame. You?” asked the visible trainer.

“I care nothing for a weakling's name. And I will keep my own.”

“What do you say to a match? And we'll call that the first point for you.”

Without another word, they both threw in their next battlers. Ame's Mismagius appeared, and for the other trainer, Gengar.

“Pah!” the foe shouted. “Bad choice! You've lost already, weakling. Gengar is both faster and stronger than any Mismagius!”

“True,” Ame called back. “But Gengar can't do half of the things that Mismagius can.”

Mismagius' necklace glowed, and suddenly Gengar collapsed. Mismagius cackled happily and the world around the Pokémon began to vanish. The obsidian slope disappeared, and was replaced by a crystalline wasteland, with flooded ground, raging blizzards, amethyst pinnacles, and a lucid nova-filled sky. Gengar stood, Mismagius vanished

As Gengar looked for her, a second cackle was heard- one that seemed to sing a beautiful, but toxic song. Then, the world echoed and came to life- crystals stabbed forth from the ground to impale the ghost on their tip; the water reformed itself to fling its body at him; stars bolted at him like arrows of fire, and even the wind tried to choke the Pokémon. Still, there was no sign of Gengar's foe.

Three- the Gengar darted about, careful not to stay to low, lest the crystal strike him, wary not to drift too high, lest the stars shoot around him, cautious not to stay too still, should the water take him, but sure not to move too much, should the wind forsake him. He was lost in the blackest midnight, in a world illuminated by the galaxy in the sky, and stars' crashing light, in delusion, illusion, confusion.

Two- the ice collided with itself and fused together, creating the perfect, reflective sheets, that drifted like paper on a calm wind, rising up and about, becoming mirrors, so Gengar felt himself, his foe. In confusion, he struck, to shatter the mirrors. Starlight shone in his distraction and grazed the Gengar, burning him, where little more than a will-o-wisp had struck, and the nova crashed against the ground bursting into fireworks of water and crystal.

One- The illusion withdrew. Mismagius had yet to move from the spot where it had started. Gengar furiously launched a Shadow Ball, which Mismagius easily dodged, though it was followed by a vicious swipe from Gengar, which seemed to melt the air around it. Mismagius flew back, as Gengar spewed lightning, fire and ice at the magical Pokémon, who was knocked against the obsidian. Unrelenting, Gengar appeared behind her, and stunned her with a massive lick, spelling her doom.

Zero- And in those seconds, reality distorted, and Gengar struck himself. Mismagius was reprieved, and Gengar took his own fang to be split between them. Yet, something failed. The reaper came quickly, and sucked the life from one. He gasped, and his grin faded. Gengar perished on the spot, and Mismagius loosed a victory howl of laughter.

“So much for the ever-superior Gengar,” Ame remarked.

“Hmph. Gengar, return.” The opponent sneered, as they both withdrew their Pokémon. A silvery light erupted, and there stood the next challenge.

“You have an Alakazam? Then I'll use my own psychic.” Ame tossed out his last Pokémon, and with a second blinding flash, the two faced each other- Alakazam and Gardevoir.

“Go!” both trainers shouted simultaneously.

The two Pokémon rushed at each other instantly, and just when they were to make contact, both vanished in a flash of rainbow light.

A moment passed with neither sound nor movement. The darkness lingered, the silence echoed. And then with a shrill sound of a sword crashing upon stone, lightning crashed from nowhere down unto the mountainside, parallel bolts dropping upon the spires and raining deep through the stalagmite field, as each acted like a lightning rod. Descending from the heavens, both Gardevoir and Alakazam fell, locked in each other's psychic barrier, and as they approached the ground, their energy fields tore apart the charged crystal, sending the burning obsidian flying in every direction.

With a deep and shorting sound, both barriers faded at once, and each Pokèmon was knocked back towards their trainer. Gardevoir fell into Ame's arms, caught, and Ame supported her, and wiped the sparking gravel from her face. Alakazam flew back, but his trainer was quick, sidestepped, and Alakazam crashed against a crystal crag, shocking itself.

“Alakazam, stop fooling around!”

“Ka-zam!” he replied, and regained his ground, immediately ripping the stalagmite behind him from the ground and flinging it over his head towards Gardevoir and Ame. Gardevoir, without hesitation, stood between the flying spire and Ame, arms spread wide to shield him. Before he could react, the spire crashed down against her face. The world seemed to freeze for a moment, Gardevoir squealed, and a blinding cerulean flash erupted forth from her. Half of the crystal structure crashed down and slid on either side of her. Bits of obsidian fell to the ground around him, followed by Gardevoir, who staggered, and collapsed from the impact.

“Gardevoir!” Ame gasped, collecting her, “are you okay..?” She looked up at him and smiled, and he sighed in relief.


The foe slowly stomped through the now battered field of stalagmites. Gardevoir, turned just in time to watch the Pokémon launch one of its spoons towards her. Propelled like a bullet by a psychic blast, the spoon flew straight towards Gardevoir, piercing several rows of stalagmites, and struck her, shocking her again with the energy from the spires, and knocking her back to the ground completely.

“Gardevoir, that's eno-” Ame began to say as he gathered her Pokéball to recall her, but she cut him off, shaking her head. She climbed to her feet.

“You can still stand? Pretty good, for a wimp,” the other trainer snorted.

Gardevoir glared at him, full of fury, and then turned and retaliated to Alakazam with a burst of energy that sent him flying into the air. Though she was exhausted, she used the last of her strength to draw the energy from the thunder-charged obsidian spires and swirl it around her. And she danced with it, spinning gorgeously, holding it, and elegantly dancing steps of a ball-room waltz through the battered field. As Alakazam struggled to his feet again, she faced him, and spun her hands, recoiling the energy into a small orb, and instantly launched the zap cannon back towards Alakazam, slamming him against the same rock Ame rested on not long ago.

“....Fools,” the other trainer muttered, withdrawing Alakazam, and, though clearly very frustrated, continuing up the mountain slope without another word. Ame recalled Gardevoir, as well, and turned to see his competitor for the first time. But all that could be seen was his back- boots, a black jacket, and long flowing red hair.