BBF 21vgkoab

Title: An Unexpected Tragedy befalls a headstrong trainer
Author: 21vgkoab

It was a bright summers day and the sun was blazing overhead, on the battlefield dust was slowly decending onto the ground as the remnants of a hyperbeam collided with a statue. Crimson a red headed , beautiful girl, was edging her Tentacruel on , " Use Water Pulse", crimson shouted and a ring of water shot from the gigantic water pokemon and blasted the dragonite away, the Unfortunate dragonite, despite its rumored strength and its defense against water type attacks, struggled to get on its feet, after three seconds of bated breath the dragonite collaped to the ground, There was a roar of joy from crimson as she ran to congratulate her tentacruel. The loser trainer stepped up to crimson and shook her hand and congratulated her on her amazing battle skills. "Thanks Lapis", jeered crimson, Lapis a strong minded, blonde haired youth smiled and walked off down the path. " Another Victory", " Thats the Fifth the day" cried crimson, "We are on a roll"

It was miday and crimson was heading towards the pokemon center to heal her pokemon, suddenly a mysterious trainer exited the center and knocked crimson to the floor, the mysterious trainer gave a mocking "humph" and went on his way. Crimson, her face turning red and violently clashing with her hair , shouted to the stranger, he turned around and stood waiting, Crimson being a headstrong youth demanded that they battle. The stranger sniggered and shouted back " Okay ! meet me in the the "shady grove" at five" and after that he stalked away into the shadow of the trees that leered down on the small town of "Bridgedale". Crimson stil seething from being knocked down entered teh pokemon center and with force dwmanded to see Nurse Joy. The Nurse was taken aback at her tone and reluctantly took her pokemon to be healed.

Crimson began to think about her challenge at five and she began to think up strategies. "Hmmmmmmphh should I use my Tentacruel in this match again" , "I Dont want to look foolish with using tired pokemon", stricken with a thought crimson moved towards the T.V phone to call Professor Brookdale the local authority on pokemon strategy and the international celebrity who came up with the thoery of pokemon evolution concerning degrees of happiness at certain periods of time in the day. It took a couple of seconds for the Professor to answer, he answered in a cheery tone, " Ahhh Crimson its so good to see you, What can I do for you?", " I need to see all my pokemon up on teh screen Professor" replied crimson and on the screen there appeared a list of all of Crimsons pokemon, there was around fifty pokemon on the list and a frown came upon Crimson's head, " This isn't going to be easy" , she thought to herself.

"What would be the best strategy" thought Crimson, "Should I use the types of the three starters; Fire,Water and Grass. She then thought what pokemon have the least type advantages, Instantly Magneton came to her mind and she kept that thought in her mind. She found this task very daunting and after half an hour of looking through all her pokemon she decided to pick: Magneton, Blastoise, Aerodactyl, Meganium, Arcanine and Alakazam. she asked the professor to hold on for a minute as she went to collect her now healed pokemon, she came back to the Professor and she asked to swap the pokemon she had for the ones she wanted, As Tentacruel, Raichu, Lickitung, Bastiodon, Crobat and Grumpig were sent over Crimsons chosen pokemon were sent over to her.

After an hour of thinking up strategies , Crimson suddenly looked up in horror at the clock but it was only Half four, she thought "I better make my way to the "shady groves" then and check out the playing field", "Some strategy might materialize in my head then". After about fifteen minutes of mindless wandering crimson found herself walking out to a big patch of earth that had rocks protruding like daggers from the ground. For some reason a flash of doubt came over her as she stood waiting for her mysterious opponent. the wind started to pick up as the mysterious trainer appeared on the battlefield. The trainer introduced himself as "Lord Henry Wotton the greatest pokemon trainer to ever have travelled the world", Crimson thought he was a bit big headed and snorted at his introduction. Lord Henry much taller than crimson seemed to look down upon her even from the other side of the battlefield and he said in a dangerious voice, " Little girl I would watch your mouth If I were you, I have competed in every major tournement known to man and I have came first in everyone, I have made even the strongest trainers cry with my superior tactics, I even made a trainer kill themselves after I took both of his pokemon down with one watergun in front of his friends and family, " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", " Little girl you have no chance against me, you may aswell save yourself from embarrasment and walk away just know, I watched your little battle earlier with that incompetent fool and his pathetic dragonite"

"Anyway enough talking I would rather get this battle over with quickly", Crimson looking a little scared now shouted back " Okay then !, what are teh rules" he replied with a sneer " we use only 3 pokemon each , the first battle will be a double battle and then a one on one battle, there will be no items allowed, and that is it" he finished off his speech with a snide remark, " think you can handle that little girl", she shouted angrily back, "Hell Yes".

the mysterious trainer called out his first two pokemon , an intimidatingly powerful Metagross and a very powerful looking feraligatr. Both pokemon came out with a roar that sent shock waves around the field. Crimson snorted and sent out her Magneton and Arcanine, Magneton came out with a screech and Arcanine with a deafining roar. "Let the battle commence" shouted Lord Henry. Lord Henry gave a scream signalling his pokemon to advance on Crimsons, Crimson retalliated with a clever offensive. She told her magneton to use Thunder , this stopped feraligatrs advance but metagross kept on going like an unmoveable tank. Crimson then sent her Arcanine in with a fire blast that incinerated everything in its path, the move seemed to have very little effect on the metagross who kept on moving towards arcanine. Suddenly out of the dust strewn air feraligatr burst into the scene and sent a beam of water towards arcanine, arcanine just dodged the attack but fell into the line of fire of metagross. From the roaring of the pokemon , there was a shout that signalled Metagross to use earthquake. The ground under feraligatr and arcanine rumbled and cracked, arcanine was thrown to the side and seemed to be kocked out, Feraligatr seized this chance to aim another hydro pump at arcanine but at the last moment magneton came sky-rocketing from the air and sent a powerful bolt of electricity through Feraligatr, the force of the move illuminated the battle field and revealed a scarred earth and a shocked looking Lord Henry. Feraligatr had fainted and was returned to its ball. Metagross however was still on the move towards the struggling aranine. Crimson was scared her arcanine could be seriously hurt. Lord Henry sent orders to metagross, telling it to use psychic, Arcanine was lifted from the ground and thrown to the other side at Lord Henry's feet. Lord Henry snickered and said "pathetic pokemon and its supposed to be legendary, HAHAHAHAHAHAH", Crimson felt sorrow for her arcanine and encouraged it to get up, Magneton stepped in and sent a short wave of electricity towards metagross, It had been paralysed, but for how long. Magneton seized this oppurtunity and used a thunderbolt. The metagross recovering from paralysis was shocked by the attack and it threw it off course. It became dazed and was unable to see. Crimson then thought that instead of all out attacks she can weaken its abilities, She then told her Magneton to use flash, again the battlefield was illuminated and the broken earth was revealed alongside a concerned looking Lord Henry. Lord Henry shouted to his Metagross, "Use recover", in retalliation Crimson ordered an other Flash attack. By this time arcanine had got to its feet and Crimson urged it to use Flamethrower, the line of flames hit metagross directly in the face making it recoil in agony. Lord Henry surprised by the turn of events knew he was not going to win this battle. He thought " I may aswell take down one of his pokemon at least". As Crimson ordered her arcanine to use crunch and her magneton to use thunderbolt, Lord Henry shouted to his Metagross , "METAGROSS USE EXPLOSION" metagross looked up and nodded, suddenly its whole body glowed and then an enormous explosion ensued throwing arcanine into the wall and knocking it out. Magneton was hit but due to its steel defense it wasn't badly hurt. Crimson gave a yell of delight and Lord henry replied by saying " You havent witnessed the true power of my pokemon, that was just beginners luck"

After the explosion subsided the field looked barren and very smooth. then with a frightening roar Lord Henry shouted " GO AGGRON" and the gigantic titan Aggron appeared. What scared Crimson was that it came out of the ball silently and it was still silent, watching Crimson as if calculating her every move. Crimson gulped and with a brave face she called forth her Alakazam. Alakazam came out with a cofident " Alla-Ka-ZAM".

"Who ever wins this battel will be the victor" called Lord Henry from the side of his Aggron. Suddenly Lord Henry shouted "AGGRON USE DIG !", and aggron disappeared underground, Alakazam stood patiently awaiting instructions. After a couple of seconds Crimson shouted "ALAKAZAM USE TELEPORT" , fortunately alakazam disappeared and appeared on the other side of the field just as Aggrons powerful head emerged from the ground. Crimson then ordered alakazam to use Ice punch on Aggron. Aggron had barely lifted itself from the ground when Alakazam's frozen fist made contact with aggron, aggron recoiled with a disgruntled roar. Lord Henry cursed and instructed his aggron to use earthquake. The ground rumbled, there was no were for alakazam to teleport to. And Crimson knew this. the groud beneath alakazam collapsed and it sent alakazam flying, the psychic master got to its feet and calmly stood waiting. Crimson ordered a future sight attack in which alakazam foresaw an attack, during this time Lord Henry had oredered his Aggron to use rock slide and a barrage of rocks hit alakazam. Alakazam was thrown into a tree which shattered. Crimson was getting nervous, her alakazam was weakened, if another earthquake were used it would surely finish alakazam off. Crimson then remebered what metagross had done earlier and she shouted to Alakazam "Use Recover !" alakazam did as instructed and it came back onto the field looking strong as ever . Crimson looking slightly happier asked alakazam to use another ice punch , this time alakazams fist struck aggrons belly and froze it, Aggron looking like a large ice cube and Lord Hnery looking Petrified, Crimson ordered alakazam to use fire punch, this move melted the ice but sent aggron flying into the air, Whilst still in the air Alakazam at the council of Crimson used thunder which struck aggron right in the middle sending it into the ground and leaving a huge crater. Again alakazam was ordered to use thunder and a beam of lightning came from the sky, however Lord Henry was quick on the mark and told aggron to use protect. a large circle of protective force engulfed aggron and the thunder move richoeted and hit the ground. Aggron then suddenly got up and used take down, unfortunately Crimson was not so quick and her alakazam was sent flying again. Alakazam took longer to get up and it looked very weak, Aggron then charged at alakazam again but missed as alakazam with surprising speed dodged the attack, Aggron with a deafening crash , collided with a huge bolder. Crimson burst out laughing as she noticed that aggron had its horns stuck in the bolder, this infuriated Lord Henry and he cursed again. Crimson told Alakazam to use his psychic powers to lift lots of boulders and send them pelting towards aggron. Aggron was roaring in rage and agony. Alakazam used another ice punch on aggron which dealt great damage, shown by aggron stumbling and falling to the ground. Crimson then triumphantly cheered and ordered alakazam to execute a psycho-cut move, This flung aggron down at its masters feet with a big red scorch mark. Aggron tried to get up and eventually did. Crimson just stood there smiling as two balls of light came speeding at either side of aggron and crashed into it sending it to crimsons feet. the aggron tried to get up but fainted.

Crimson cheered and ran to hug her alakazam. Lord Henry stood devastated as he looked at his aggron lying on the ground. He went over to it and said in a holllow voice " You fought well my friend, take a rest" and aggron returned to its ball.

Lord Henry walked up to Crimson and extended his hand, " That truely was an excellent battle and I congratulate you on your victory, you fought well and proved your worth as a trainer", Crimson with tears in her eyes replied " thank you and you were an excellent battler yourself and I hope our battle has tought you something about being big-headed", Lord Henry laughed adn said " I will never underestimate a trainer again, that I can promise".