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Joined 3 March 2012


Hi, I'm TorianMelee24. My account was hijacked in Mariowiki, and someone pretended to be me, so I made an account called AeroGlider. It's pretty odd, but I then joined Bulbapedia to help to the wiki. Pikachu is my favourite Pokemon.

It's very easy to tell a Pokemon's gender when you see the gender differences for an example. A female Magikarp has white barbels and a male Magikarp has tan ones. In Platinum (but no other games to date), the male also has a slightly bigger light band on its forehead compared to the female. Pretty simple.


Gyarados is a very powerful Pokemon. It's hard to believe that it evolved from the weak, Magikarp and changed from a single Water-type to to a dual Water/Flying type.


Emboar is strong. I don't know much about them, but for sure he's cool.


Yeah, you're awesome , Jigglypuff


Pichu is cool.


Mewtwo is amazing.