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Christine the Pikachu

Joined 19 July 2011

Christine (JP: Christine) is a Pikachu that had White since March 7. I also have Soul Silver since December 22, 2010. Most of my users are named *Pikafan* and have the gender of ♀.

Team on White: Enbuoh / Emboar ♂, Flowsel / Floatzel ♀, Hitomoshi / Litwick ♂, Kyurem, Zekrom, and Jalorda / Serperior ♀.

Enbuoh's info:

Hasty nature. 3/7/2011 Nuvema Town. Met at Lv. 5. Highly curious.

Flowsel's info:

Gentle nature. 3/13/2011 Route 14 Apparently met at Lv. 32. Somewhat of a clown.

Zekrom's info:

Gentle nature. 3/15/2011 N's Castle Met at Lv. 50. Highly curious.

Jalorda's info:

Rash nature. 3/19/2011 Day-Care Couple Egg received. 3/19/2011 Pinwheel Forest Egg apparently hatched. Mischeivous.

Hitomoshi's info:

Modest nature. 3/10/2011 Celestial Tower Met at Lv. 26. Sturdy body.

Kyurem's info:

Mild nature. 5/5/2011 Giant Chasm Met at Lv. 75. Often dozes off.

I am now back. To wait uploading your images, you have to wait for 10 days.

Pokémon I need on White Forest: 032Nidoran_Dream.png

Pokémon I got on White Forest: 029Nidoran_Dream.png

Pokémon I need from the GTS (Global Trade Station) 001Bulbasaur_Dream.png004Charmander_Dream.png007Squirtle_Dream.png

Pokemon I found in Route 6: 587Emolga_Dream.png