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Uploading checklist

Before you upload a file, please make sure you have done the following:

  • Did you use a descriptive but concise file name?
  • Did you make sure that the file name has no errors? Renaming media files is tedious.
  • Have you provided detailed information in the summary, including source information?
  • Have you added categories to your images so they can be found easily later on?
  • Have you tagged the images appropriately?
  • Are you going to use the image on a Bulbagarden project? Is the image relevant?
See also: Image use policy

If you are confused about how to upload a file, see the Archives FAQ.

Upload formats

Bulbagarden Archives prefers the following formats for images:

  • .png for sprites, screenshots, icons, diagrams, and simple images
  • .jpg for photographs or scans such as cards from the Pokémon TCG
  • .gif format should be avoided. Animated images should be in anipng (.png) format.

The use of the correct file is important as the file extension often interacts with templates on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews.

Please note
  • A log of uploaded images is kept here.
  • If you are uploading over an existing image, you may need permission from an administrator.
  • You should only use alphanumeric characters, dash and underscore in filenames. Other characters, especially multibyte characters such as Japanese text, may cause server errors. (e.g. Lt. Surge's ピカチュウ {Pikachu}.jpeg)