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What is Bulbagarden Archives?

Bulbagarden Archives is an integral part of the Bulbawiki system, designed to handle all non-text files, as a repository for pictures. All pictures to be used on Bulbapedia and other Bulbawiki services will be, if possible, hosted on the Archives.

Message from the Editor

September 10

Due to a recent fiasco regarding the size of images, the rule on resolution size is being reinstated. This is because some users have started uploading images based on how large they are instead of the quality of the image, as well as a complete overall ignorance to the legality of high resolution. Unlike before, the resolution size cap will be dependent upon the media. However, very few images (for example, maps of in-game locations) will be allowed above 1,280 pixels. High resolution for Pokémon artwork will not be allowed above 1000 pixels. Further limits are still being decided upon; however, uploading above such limits will result in a block.

Bulbagarden Archives is part of Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden.