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Higher staff members
Sr. Admins
Jr. Admins

Archives staff are users who have been granted administrative powers by the Archives Advisory Council. They have more editing functions at their disposal than regular users, and are responsible for watching over the Bulbagarden Archives and settling any disputes. Many of them are also administrators on Bulbapedia or Bulbanews.

There are four levels of administrator powers.

In this listing, those administrators who are also administrators on other Bulbawiki sites are listed as such.

If in need of administrator assistance, please contact an Active administrator for quickest results; all active administrators generally check messages daily. To see which administrators have been recently online, see the list of recent changes. If you cannot find an active administrator, try finding one listed as Around; these staff members are considered active on other Bulbagarden projects, but don't spend as much time here.

Junior administrators

The junior administrator group is the most basic staff group. These users have the ability to move files, among other trivial privileges.

Some users may be granted temporary access to the junior administrator tools; the following four users are not temporary.

Since February 25, 2007     Inactive

Argy (Talk)
Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief

Since August 16, 2011     Active

Eridanus (Talk)

Since June 26, 2011     Hiatus

MisterE13 (Talk)
Bulbapedia Junior Administrator

Since January 22, 2011     Active

Pattyman (Talk)


Full administrators have the ability to protect files, change protected files, delete files, and move files. They have the ability to "suppress" a redirect when a file is moved. They may also block troublesome users.

There are currently eleven administrators.

Since October 9, 2010     Active

Chosen (Talk)

Since October 24, 2009     Hiatus

Clarky13 (Talk)
Bulbapedia Administrator

Since November 2, 2009     Around

Darkeiya (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat
Bulbanews Support Staff

Since July 20, 2009     Inactive

electAbuzzzz (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat

Since November 9, 2009     Around

ht14 (Talk)

Since August 15, 2011     Active

Jo The Marten (Talk)
Bulbapedia Editorial Board
Bulbanews Bureaucrat

Since March 17, 2013     Active

Pokemaster97 (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat
Bulbanews Senior Writer

Since June 9, 2008     Inactive

Sketch (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat

Since October 4, 2009     Around

Soulweaver (Talk)

Since June 2, 2012     Hiatus

Spriteit (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat

Since January 4, 2010     Around

Umeko (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat
Bulbanews Support Staff

Senior administrators

These are highly active staff who have all the powers of a full administrator. They also are able to lock and unlock editing to those below Junior Administrators.

There are currently six senior administrators.

Since September 29, 2010     Active

Ataro (Talk)
Bulbapedia Editorial Board
Bulbanews Bureaucrat

Since June 23, 2011     Hiatus

Carmenstar97 (Talk)
Bulbapedia Administrator

Since January 8, 2014     Active

G50 (Talk)
Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
Bulbapedia Editorial Board

Since February 27, 2011     Around

George Hutcheon‏‎ (Talk)
Bulbanews Former Editor-in-Chief
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat

Since March 23, 2011     Active

Masatoshi (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat

Since January 6, 2011     Active

nuva-kal (Talk)
Bulbapedia Administrator

Higher staff members

Some users on the Archives technically have more power than senior administrators; however, most of them are not especially active. Generally, they are more active on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews.

The Archives Advisory Council coordinate projects and define Bulbagaden Archives policy and style. This group currently has five sitting members: Kogoro, MAGNEDETH, the dark lord trombonator, Werdnae and SnorlaxMonster.

Since October 3, 2010     Around

Adyniz (Talk)
Bulbanews Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Archives Bureaucrat

Since April 13, 2005     Around

Archaic (Talk)
Bulbagarden Owner

Since April 16, 2005     Bot

BulbaBot (Talk)
Evil Robot

Since April 24, 2005     Around

evkl (Talk)
Bulbagarden Vice-Webmaster

Since December 29, 2008     Inactive

Jioruji Derako (Talk)
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat
Archives Bureaucrat

Since May 28, 2009     Around

Kenji-girl (Talk)
Bulbapedia Editorial Board
Archives Bureaucrat

Since December 9, 2008     Active

Kogoro (Talk)
Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief
Archives Liaison

Since September 16, 2008     Around

Bulbagarden Vice-Webmaster
Archives Advisory Council

Since July 17, 2008     Active

Maverick Nate (Talk)
Bulbapedia Editorial Board
Former Archives Editor-in-Chief

Since March 31, 2009     Around

RexRacer (Talk)
Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
Bulbapedia Bureaucrat

Since January 6, 2011     Active

SnorlaxMonster (Talk)
Bulbanews Depuy Editor-in-Chief
Archives Advisory Council

Since March 29, 2009     Inactive

The dark lord trombonator (Talk)
Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
Archives Advisory Council

Since October 25, 2010     Hiatus

Werdnae (Talk)
Former Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief
Archives Advisory Council

Since September 29, 2010     Active

Zesty Cactus (Talk)
Bulbapedia Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Archives Bureaucrat

Since April 13, 2005     Hiatus

Zhen Lin (Talk)
Bulbagarden Vice-Webmaster
Archives Technical Staff


Administrators of full or senior level have the authority to:

  • Impose bans
  • Settle disputes over images

Becoming an administrator

Temporary administrative power may be issued by a bureaucrat; long-term power will be assigned by the Archives Advisory Council.

Users who have contributed regularly and who have demonstrated initiative are candidates for administratorship.